New tool assesses skill development in robotic microsurgery

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microA new standardised assessment provides a useful tool for fol- lowing up on the updates and progress of surgeons as they develop the skills needed to perform robot-assisted microsur- gery, says a study of the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

The Structured Assessment of Robotic Microsurgical Skills (SARMS) is the first validated instrument for assessing robotic microsurgical skills, according to the report by ASPS Member Surgeon Dr Jesse C Selber of the University of Texas MD Ander- son Cancer Center, Houston. Initial assessments using the SARMS show that, after a steep initial learning curve, surgical trainees display steady improvement in their ability to perform robot-assisted microsur- gery tasks.

SARMS Tracks Development of Robotic Microsurgery Skills; The researchers describe the development and testing of the SARMS as a standard technique for uating technical skills for robot-assisted micro- surgery. The SARMS consisted of 11 items”six uating microsurgery skills and five uating robotic skills.

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