How to remain fit and healthy this festive season?



Well its festival time and with constant get together and gatherings you are worried about nothing but weights. Yes all of us irrespective of the age wants to look our best and with the wedding season also round the corner, it makes people all the more necessary and utmost important to get that perfect body and be free from extra calories and fat stuck in the body at the earliest. Whether it is our weight, skin,nails or hair, people start visiting dental clinics or dietitians to control their weight.

While people must be suggesting all the possible diets right now, the question is, is it long lasting? We are well aware that skincare is very important and but excessive dieting, workouts and skincare products may not be a good idea if your are looking at reaping long-term benefits.

Several dieticions and nutritionist have stated of attending 8-10 people complaining of obesity.Adopting a healthy and fat free lifestyle is a must before you begin to look young and beautiful.A good health is reflected on one’s face very well.


Diet right
A nutritious diet is necessary. The right balance of carbohydrates, protein and fat is a must. Its a myth when people say avoid carbs to lose weight. However, the right complex fibrous carbs are extremely essential for the human body such as whole-wheat products, fruits. vegetables, salads, etc.

A healthy mix of lean protein such as egg and milk products is also important. Fat in the form of Omega 3 items such as almond, walnuts, fish oil, flaxseeds are the good fat.

Additionally, anti oxidants are anti stress and anti-aging for a good skin, such as almonds, green leafy vegetables, vegetable oils and whole grains.

Without a doubt, three litres of water intake is a must.So drink as many as 8-10 glasses of pure and safe water everyday to remain hydrated and detoxified. Not only is it good for your health bu also for your looks and appearance keeping you beautiful fresh and young!

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