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It has been repeatedly stated by the doctors to regularly exercise and eat healthy foods that helps become stress free and also all tensions and anxiety. While we may be eating a lot of foods on everyday basis but not all of them must be full of nutritional value and of highest value.So what are these foods?..Let’s take a close look at the foods that helps reduce stress and make them apart of our diet henceforth.

Dark Chocolate: Dark chocolate helps ease emotional strain and helps to elevate your mood naturally. Fortunately, dark chocolate is somewhat of a guilt free snack. Buy good quality dark chocolate go for organic. Go as dark as you can handle, and try to find chocolate with as few ingredients as possible.

Almonds:Almonds are packed with nutrients such as Vitamin B and Vitamin E. These vitamins help to strengthen your immune system during stressful times. Just about five to seven almonds does the trick.


Sweet potatoes: Sweet potatoes are full of immune boosting nutrients which help you fight stress. A warm dish of sweet potatoes after a long day gives you a feeling of satisfaction and tranquility.

Good Fat: Avocado is an excellent source of fat. You need at least one half avocado per day. Other good fats include olive oil, fish oil, etc. One or two tablespoons per day should do the job.

Sugar: Your body needs sugar-good sugar. You can get sugar from a natural source, such as fresh or dry fruit, and raw honey. Honey boosts your immune system. Honey also gives you a better night’s sleep. A spoonful of honey per day is all you need.

Green vegetables: Most green and leafy vegetables are rich on iron and all other important nutrients. Some of the prominent ones include Asparagus, spinach and kale which are packed with vitamins and minerals, folic acid and magnesium crucial for good overall health.

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