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Amit Sachdeva
Amit Sachdeva

Dr Amit Sachdeva,
Director, Axiss Dental

Axiss Dental is the brainchild of two practicing dentists, namely Dr Amit Sachdeva and Dr (Capt) Sandeep Sharma. With a common vision to streamline and standardise dental treatment in India and diligent effort, they have built the largest network of multi-specialty dental clinics in the country. Axiss Dental, today, is Indias leading multispceialty chain of dental clinics. Dr Amit Sachdeva, Director, Axiss Dental, in conversation with Dr Ravi Gupta, CEO, Elets Techonmedia Pvt Ltd, shares his insights on branded healthcare and how Axiss Dental achieved the pinnacle of success

Please throw some light on the origin of Axiss Dental. How was it started, what was the idea?

Axiss Dental was founded by Dr (Capt) Sandeep Sharma and myself Dr Amit Sachdeva. It came into being in 2004. During that time, there was a huge gap in patents accessibility to doctors. People used to travel from far off suburbs to parent centres. We realized the need for setting up of a multispecialty industry housing dentists and who could be moved to different areas, at different periods of time.
The idea was to set up infrastructure in various suburbs of town or different locations. In 2007, we formalized the whole structure of the company. Since 2007 through 2012, we had been moving along with certain hospitals where we had been outsourcing the department in totality. We partnered with various hospitals like Apollo, Colombia Asia, Fortis, for the simple reason that we wanted to enhance our network across India. By 2012, we mastered all the processes to run an organization of that level. We went into a major kind of branding effort and standalones “ growing organically and simultaneously partnering with lots of existing mom and pop stores to see where they are deficient in and how they could actu- ally benefit under the Axiss Umbrella. Today, we have 65 networks across 12 cities in India

Branded Healthcare is a new idea in India. How is it being accepted by the end-users, customers?

The main advantage of branded healthcare is predominantly based on the fact that one can use a lot of economies of scale not in just relation to good manpower, but also technology at a much cheaper rate. Acceptance of branded healthcare “ approx. six years back “ the whole concentration on branded healthcare was only a percentage of the whole market share. However, a recent report in 2013 has shown that the branded healthcare has increased to about six percent of the total market size. Going by the worldwide trend, people over a period of time have started realising that branded healthcare is a concept which involves a lot of aspects and which are taken care of by the management. This includes a certain level of transparency in relation to work, availability of doctors, accessibility to adjust your appointments and standardisation in relation to protocol and procedure rates. These are the aspects which help individuals to take a holistic view of the dental market. That is why, Axiss Dental, predominantly, believes in prevention and not just cure. Our growth story is as such that the adapta- tion is much better now since the brand is much more visible and more established. It was definitely a challenge about four years back, but today mar- ket itself is overcoming the challenge.

“Axiss Dental has its own USP. Its USP lies in the fact that it has been born and brought up by the dentists”

How are you going to ensure quality in the branded healthcare?

Thats one of the USPs of the Axiss Dental. We actually look for a dentist who is already in-charge of a particular clinic and is responsible not only for the profitability, but also for the productiv- ity and quality of that centre. We have regional heads who, on a daily basis, are monitoring every single work happening at the centre. We have an IT process which is basically guiding us to know every patients diagnosis — what work has been done for him, what treat- ments were prescribed for him, how the treatments were done, etc. Everything is digitalised today. We got a dentist who is looking into another dentists work and grading him for his quality of work. If he is doing a good work, he is rewarded. Everybody is monitored by the other person.

Which are the cities you are in?

We are basically in three regions where Delhi-NCR is one of regions which in- clude Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad. In Punjab we are in Patiala, Chandigarh, Ludhiana and Jalandhar. We have a centre in Indore in central part of India. We are also in Bangalore and in and around Bangalore area. So, these are the areas where we have been predominantly focussing on.

What are the expansion plans for the Axiss Dental?

Currently, we are looking at close to about 150 to 200 centres in the next two years and covering India in totality. Axiss recently has also launched an annual dental plan which is an innovative method of insurance but its something which a customer chooses on a yearly basis. This plan is accompanied with prevention programmes which basically include check-ups, diagnosis and X-Rays. We believe in a cycle in which we can prevent, treat and what you can carry home. So, its a kind of prevention cycle for your lifestyle completely. We have individual plans in which we are able to guide the patients in various manners. So, rather than binding someone with an insurance policy, it is better that he/she chooses his/her kind of plans. If you are spending within our plan, you can actually avail yourself of some points which you can use to buy the same plan again next year at a much more lower cost.

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