July 2014

Oracle Bets on Big Data in Healthcare

Sundar Ram
Sundar Ram

Sundar Ram,
Vice President, Technology Sales Consulting, Oracle Corporation

Business giant Oracle looks to increase its presence in healthcare by offering Big Data solutions that can help usher in personalized medicine. Sundar Ram, Vice President, Technology Sales Consulting, Oracle Corporation explains

Technology giant Oracle Corporation, a big name in the business world with their award winning Oracle suite of software, has had a limited presence in healthcare space. This is because traditionally, healthcare has been about the relationship between a doctor and patient. Big hospitals that cater to a large number of patients gave Oracle the opportunity it needed to enter this domain. Its database powers the HIMS/HIS solutions that the corporate hospitals use to manage their disparate services and patients. Oracles database programs also help in the back office operations like supply chains for production and transportation of drugs.
Oracles involvement in the healthcare industry is set to undergo a seismic change as it goes after Big Data in healthcare. Sundar Ram, Vice President, Technology Sales Consulting Oracle Corporation, Asia Pacific explains, There are different ways that healthcare can benefit from IT, and Oracle wants to be in all those spaces. It has its own solutions in some areas like the Healthcare Transaction Base, an Oracle application that provides a single view of a patient across mul- tiple touch points he has had from a healthcare perspective. We also have solutions for healthcare analytics and clinical trials. But we want to use IT in ways it has not been used in this sector. We feel the next big wave of benefits will come from Big Data where it could be about personalized data collection about individuals, in- novative research mechanisms, in- novative disease tracking mechanism for personalizing medicine etc. He feels there is a lot of saving to be had in terms of outcome and treatment and as well as the cost of healthcare.
Explaining the relevance of Big Data, Mr Ram talks of a study done by McKenzie Global Institute in the US where it found that one of the big- gest beneficiaries of Big Data was healthcare.
Mr Ram says that while a ton of patient data is available, it is not connected. Big Data solutions, he says, can be referenced, connected and the most effective treatments for the patient can be determined, thus heralding personalized medicines. In absence of a meaningful data, he says, patients undergo numerous tests that are time and cost consuming. Also, the treatment given to the patient may not be ideal since it has not been personalized. But stringing together disparate but related data will yield useful information towards treating a patient.
Ram says Oracle foresees a lot of innovation happening in this space, and is collaborating with many organizations for the same. He says Oracles intention is to be of benefit to both the end users – the patient as well as the healthcare companies. It is closely working with hospital chains and insurance companies to identify patterns in claims so that they can price their policies according to the individual user.
While expounding about the promise of this new field, Mr Ram says that Oracle will not be ignoring the back and front office solutions that it already provides and will continue to innovate and push the envelopes in those fields.

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