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Allengers a Chandigarh based medical equipment manufacturer which was founded in the year 1987 has always been instrumental in bringing cost effective solutions for the medical fraternity, be it X-ray systems, C-arms, Mammography, Lithotripters, Cathlabs, TMT,OPG, Monitors and the latest being the DR Systems and Softwares.


Allengers has also got the privilege to be selected for the PHD Award 2013 by the PHD Chamber Jury out of many esteemed companies from all over the country.

During IRIA 2014, Allengers would be launching an eco model of its fixed DR system, the DigiX eco and also a light weight mobile DR system the RollX DR. With the launching of these DR systems like RollX DR and DigiX eco, Allengers has further embarked upon a mission to provide cost-effective imaging solutions thereby enabling healthcare centers to adopt them at very reasonable prices.

The future of radiography will be digital and technology based. The pace at which the Digital Radiography ( DR ) is advancing is noteworthy. DR is the fastest digital imaging technology available at this time, as in this speed can be used not only to improve the healthcare facilities productivity but also to save the patients time.


So keeping this in mind, Allengers is all set to also launch and introduce during IRIA 2014 a software based technology:

1-Allen Cloud PACS
2-Dual Energy Subtraction

Allengers All Cloud PACS is a web based PACS server with a distributed mirrored image database. The technician at the modality (Digital X-Ray, CT, MRI, Cath Lab) can upload diagnostic images to the server.

The All Cloud PACS database is easily accessed by using a simple browser (Internet explorer, Firefox, Chrome). It can also be accessed through a smartphone with a browser. New fast streaming technology enables images to be viewed almost instantly. It is a truly web based PACS, no software is required to be installed in the PC.

The user (radiologist) requires only a user name and password.

The radiologist can view images and report directly on the browser. Uploaded report will be downloadable at the modality only in pdf format so that no alterations can be made. Also digital or scanned signature can be added to the report. This will enable a truly filmless environment.

Allengers All Cloud PACS has multilayer security and firewall so that patient confidentiality is maintained. Security features and accessible information can be configured as per user requirements. Accounting and MIS features ensure that a Pay per Patient model can be easily adopted.

Not long ago, the idea of sharing radiological images and exams using the Internet seemed impractical. Patients worried that secure information within their personal health records would be compromised, and radiologists found it cost-prohibitive. But times have changed. A growing consensus believes that a constellation of tools, located remotely but connected by the Web, is the solution to securely and cost-effectively sharing the health records.

Although in the U.S this concept is already there, yet in India it is going to be a new concept and is bound to grow leaps and bounds as it is going to be an efficient computing infrastructure for all healthcare facilities. As such Allengers All Cloud PACS is going to be instrumental in providing Filmless Radiology and Distance Radiology services helping hospitals to scale with ease and manage resources in a much better way.

Dual Energy Subtraction is an advanced application for Allengers flat panel true digital radiography systems. A PA/AP chest radiograph exam is performed with the acquisition of 2 images at different energy levels less than three seconds apart and the application generates four views:

A standard low kV radiograph
A high kV radiograph
A soft tissue image with the bones subtracted
An image of the bones and any additional calcified structures.

Dual Energy separates bone tissue and soft tissue, allowing radiologists to view these in separate radiographic images. Dual Energy eliminates obstruction from overlying bones and provides more information on calcification content. Ability to detect pulmonary nodules and multiple metastatic lesions is highly improved with Dual Energy Subtraction. The technique is helpful in visualizing small lesions that may be obscured by bone. This versatile application software is being commissioned at Mahajan Imaging Centre, Defence colony, New Delhi. With RollX DR, DigiX eco, All Cloud PACS, etc Allengers continues its passion for excellence and commitment in providing cost effective solutions be it DR or the other medical diagnostic equipments. We encourage you to visit our website www.allengers. com to learn more about our products and services.

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