‘Healthcare is growing by more than 15 percent per annum’

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DesignTech Systems Ltd, a leading solutions provider in healthcare and product life cycle management, has introduced a range of healthcare solutions. Founding Director, Sachin Chougule, in conversation with Ekta Srivastava, ENN

The healthcare IT sector in India is on a constant growth path. What kind of positive impact will this growth have on the healthcare delivery segment?
The acceptance of IT as an enabling tool is still not picked up in India. An overall investment in the healthcare sector is growing by more than 15 percent per annum (pa) as compared to investments in healthcare IT products at less than 10 percent pa.

Growth Drivers: Health IT Usage

The requirement of cashless payments or insurance and speedy settlements of claims need IT enablement
Increase in medical tourism is making hospitals invest in stateof- the-art IT set-up to attract overseas patients
Current market size, as per Gartner Group report, is `5,000 crore and is growing at the rate of 7 percent per annum

What are your business plans for India?
DesignTech Systems offer four different products for the following market segments- Asclepius Clinic for Clinics and Practitioners, Asclepius Lite or Professional for Small or Medium size hospitals and Asclepius Enterprise for Large Hospitals. Our ERP caters to patient management, billing, LIS, RIS and inventory management and seamlessly integrates all the allied services of the hospital. The unique and modern concept of Workflow Management Framework enables hospitals to reduce overall time to process transactions. Security is an integral aspect of Health IT Infrastructure.

Whats your take on this?
The majority Indian healthcare organisations today have not yet accepted the role of IT as an enabling tool. The top management and owners are not ready to invest and leverage IT for better effectiveness and productivity. The awareness and seriousness about security is no doubt a long way to go. Even the India Government has not yet laid down any guidelines or standards for healthcare organisations.

IT illiteracy and lack of awareness often act as initial obstacles for health IT players. Did you face similar challenges?
There is no lack of IT literacy or awareness in this segment. However, the seriousness to accept IT as a real differentiating and enabling tool, willingness to invest in it and leveraging as competitive advantage is generally lacking in the top management/ owners of our healthcare organisations. With international medical tourism opportunities, globalisation and increasing regulatory pressure healthcare organisations will also have to accept strategic role of IT tools soon.

What are some of the advantages that set Designtech System India ahead of its peers?
Most of the HIS solutions available are service based and require enormous customisation to implement contrary to this. As a product we offer managed code and fully tested product. Being a product it can be installed and implemented in a shorter duration. Having built our latest version on Microsoft Workflow foundation we deliver a comprehensive workflow and decision support system. Our distributed architecture enables hospitals to install our products on a wide range or hardware configurations without impacting performance, this protects the hospitals hardware investment.

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