esperityTM: The First Multi-Lingual Online Community For Cancer Patients Worldwide

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espercity  announces its going live as the first multi-lingual social media network dedicated exclusively to cancer patients.  aims to support cancer patients around the world by providing them with an online environment where they can connect with each other and share information, thereby reducing the feeling of isolation many experience while dealing with cancer. To this end, esperityTM enables patients to find their “medical twins” (people with the same type or subtype of cancer as themselves) and connect to them through a user-friendly social network site. By connecting with someone sharing the same kind of disease, following a similar treatment, etc., patients become more aware of their condition; they feel less isolated, and as a result, become more empowered to play an active role in their treatment.

“Our aim at esperityTM is to improve cancer patients’ quality of life: on the short term, via patient empowerment; on the long term, via the analysis of the relationship between lifestyle and treatment outcome. This could lead to a better understanding of the disease, which affects up to 40% of men and 30% of women,” says Dr. Erard de Hemricourt, the co-founder of esperityTM and an MD specialized in cancer diagnosis. Together with co-founder Mitchell Silva (PhD), who is a chronic lung patient himself, both healthcare professionals aim to set up international collaborations to enhance cancer research by giving patients a voice.  Says CEO and co-founder Mitchell Silva: Esperity fills a market need. It gives cancer patients a simple way to monitor symptoms and manage medication, while connecting with other patients worldwide, so they can share information and feel less alone. It will also create a unique knowledge base that will be useful to both patients and healthcare professionals. Esperity is unique: as well as being the only dedicated global social media networks for cancer patients, it supports over 30 languages.

When people get a cancer diagnosis, they ask themselves many questions. To address these questions better, the support network comprising medical twins supplements healthcare professionals’ efforts. Through this process, cancer patients can join the worldwide esperityâ„ community of empowered individuals. As it is with Facebook and Twitter using esperityTM is very easy, wherever you live and whatever language you speak.

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