Cloud based HIS, Revolutionising Indian Healthcare

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Focused on healthcare domain for the past 18 years, Akhil Systems has around 150+ hospitals and medical colleges projects (with hospitals ranging from 20 beds up to 1,800 beds) running across India and worldwide. Rekha Takkar, Director, Akhil Systems, in conversation with ENN

What kind of positive impact in healthcare IT sector growth has on the healthcare delivery segment?
An active adoption of IT solutions is crucial to making healthcare delivery more patients centric and efficient. IT is expected to play a major role in helping healthcare service providers overcome future challenges as well as in meeting the needs of their information- dependent industry.
The positive impacts on the healthcare delivery segments are:
Interconnection between multiple facilities
Improving the workflow of the hospitals
Boosts revenue of hospitals
Paperless workflow
Bridge Indias rural-urban users equally
Delivering timely information to care providers
Provides analytics for more effective and efficient care to each patient
The innumerous existing factors that impacts the Indianhealthcare industry; four primary and vital factors are found to play major roles and are hierarchically arranged as Financial outcomes ,Workflow efficiency ,Decision making , Patient Safety.

What kind of business process solutions do you offer for hospitals and physician practice groups?
We provide following healthcare products for different segments on Client Server and Web Based platform like: Care Enterprise HIS, Miracle HIS, PACS
MIRACLE EMR: This is a Webbased solution designed for complete automation of a single Clinic with Single Specialty, Multispecialty Polyclinic and Chain of Clinics. This product is also CCHIT (USA) certified & meeting ARRA Guidelines and hosted on Cloud for USA Customers. Patient Clinical Information is also available on Patient Portal which can be accessed by the Patient or Doctor from anywhere anytime. This can be integrated with Hospital Information System also if required by any of the hospital. It has inbuilt templates for over 50 specialties.
Care LIS/RIS: Designed for complete automation Single LAB and Chain of Laboratories & Radiology Centers. The application will also offer interfaces with Lab Machines, Barcode, and PACS for online viewing of Radiology Images on the Doctors Computers. It can generate variousstatistical reports and Turn-around Time (TAT) report. It has user-defined result templates.

What are your business plans for India? What opportunities you foresee of the Indian healthcare IT sector?
Akhil Systems has launched new webbased EMR and HIS solution which is completely internet-based and is hosted on cloud computing. This provides flexibility of accessing the software anywhere and at any time. Akhil Systems has gone up a next level by developing add-on modules such as Web-based Electronic Medical Records, Patient Portal, SMS/Email Connectivity, Online Lab results, and coming up very soon with Mobile Device Interface.
Inspired by our previous partnership with Enabledoc (USA) to whom we have provided our EMR which is running successfully in more than 30 clinics in US, we have launched our EMR solution in India as well for doctors. Also, we are planning our HIS to be hosted on cloud. It will be on SaaS model and be available on nominal monthly rental. This will revolutionise the Indian healthcare scenario.

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