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Ace Data Devices is the brainchild of two forward-looking IT professionals, Neeraj and Anuj Mediratta. Neeraj Mediratta, CEO, Ace Data says, “Ace came into being in 1995, long before the term ‘data storage’ was coined”. In conversation with Sharmila Das, ENN

How effective is your newly launched ‘Backup Vault’ that you have provided to Apollo Hospitals?
Backup Vault is a data protection solution. Hospitals have various kinds of data. They have patient record data and applications, administrative records, internal mailing and many other allied applications which help in hospital administrative functions. The way our solution cut across is that, it is broad spectrum solution that helps handling in the databases, application, user data, patient record etc. It’s a single solution which takes care of all kinds of data. It comes as a package which is a capacity based usage. For example if they have 10 terabyte of data they pay for the size of data they have.
Another unique feature of the solution is that it is an agent less technology. Unlike the other backup technology available in the market they have modules. However, our solution has a very neat deployment, regardless of what kind of data it is, what volume of data it is, it runs for everything and in a hospital environment this solution works because the rate of change of data is very frequent in that situation it needs a protection system. The solution we provide helps to save the change in every three minutes which makes the solution reliable and effective.

Apart from this particular solution what other solutions do you have for data storage for Indian Healthcare?
We are basically into data storage. There are solutions which concentrate on data protection like ‘Backup Vault’ solution, and others are hardcore solutions which keep the data on premise and then there are archival solutions for long time storage. In hospitals it is important to keep records for a longer term.

Do you provide any kind of training to the hospitals where your solution is deployed?
Yes. When we deploy this solution we do provide training and along with that, within the solution we do offer 24 x 7 remote monitoring and onsite support. It comes as a package and the entire ownership belongs to us.

In data storage, what kind of technology do you have to secure data as for hospitals it is very important to secure data?
The solution we have is compliant to global standards and comes with a security standard of 140 to 250 with inscriptions. So the moment the data leaves the user it gets in scripted and is secured in amongst the best standard available globally and that’s a part of the solution.

How has been the response of the solution in the health market? What is your opinion about the data storage market of healthcare?
The response has been good, but as this is a new way to handle technology the adaption is going to take time. It’s about a year now that we have introduced it and for us healthcare is not the only industries we work with. We have media, real estate, corporate but if you see the market itself data is growing double every two years now.

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