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Specialty Clinic Introduces a New Era

Namokar Eye & Gastro Centre Founder & MD Dr Pradeep Jain speaks about the nuances of specialty clinics in India


Considering Namokar Eye & Gastro Centre a specialty clinic, what are the factors you think are responsible for the booming market?
Specialty clinics in India are booming because of increased awareness among the public towards healthcare, as a result of better education, globalisation, usage of Internet etc. Easy availability of specialists and super- specialists in such clinics ensures early diagnosis and early treatment of patients saving time spent in hospitals. Most of these clinics are open till late in the evening. People find it convenient to take a sick family member for treatment without always taking leave from work. Specialty clinics not only save time of patients but provide more patients friendly environment with personalised care and attention away from the intimidating, impersonal atmosphere of hospitals.

What are the technologies that are used in such specialty clinics in India? A few examples please?
Specialty clinics are day care facilities using diagnostic and therapeutic modalities not requiring patient admission where the patient can be treated and immediately sent home. For example, in eye care clinics, lasers for retinal diseases and glaucoma, Lasik surgery, investigations like field charting, fundus angiography; optical coherence tomography, ultrasonography etc. are performed. In gastroenterology clinics, patients are examined and investigation endoscopic procedures are performed.

How these technologies come handy in the functioning of the specialty clinics such as Nephrology, Trichilogy, Day-Care, Eye-care etc. How Namokar Eye & Gastro Centre is using technology?
In Namokar Eye & Gastro Clinic, besides comprehensive eye care facilities cosmetic treatments like Botox and filler injections are also available. Cataract surgery and Eyelid plastic surgery procedures are performed using the latest techniques.


What are the challenges that the founders of specialty clinics are facing? What are your suggestions in overcoming those challenges?
The owners of such specialty clinics are the doctors themselves. Doctors are less equipped with marketing and administrative skills. Therefore the most important challenge faced by the owners is towards publicising their facilities and procuring more patients, improving their visibility to increase work. All new technological advancement comes at a high price. Constant up-gradation of facilities and equipment adds to stress for the owners. Group practice by different specialists using the same premises and equipment is one way of sharing expenses and reducing stress.

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