The Funding Mantra

Naresh Malhotra, Director, Modern Family Doctor Pvt Ltd, has a successful track record in launching and establishing multiple brands in various healthcare segments. He shares his insights.

How well the Indian healthcare sector is doing in terms of attracting investment funding?

The healthcare sector is attracting the maximum attention today from Private Equity and Venture Capital. The Investors see a huge potential, with a growing population and a highly underserved market. Add to this the higher incomes, more disposable incomes, lack of facilities provided by the Government and you can understand why everyone wants to invest in the healthcare sector.

What are the criteria that an investor looks at in a healthcare company before investing in? Apart from funding what other assistance they offer to such companies?

An investor wants to see rapid growth, profitability, faster scalability and will look at entrepreneurs who are either going into niche spaces or enjoy the advantage of being the first entrant in any niche market. They like to go to markets which have a huge potential. Other assistance which VCs, PEs provide is getting best practices, overseas tie ups, bench marking with best of breed and corporate governance.

Can you please mention a few healthcare companies got recently funded?
Nationwide, Nova, Express Clinics, Vatsalya, and Mulchand Hospital have received funding recently.

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