LifeSize bags Birmingham Cancer Network contract in UK, expanding business in India for the fast growing audio-video market

LifeSize – the high definition video communications company, recently announced their success in wining a deal from Pan Birmingham Cancer Network in UK, for providing high definition video communications for their new telemedicine program.

By aiding a network responsible for the care of 1.6 million people, the LifeSize systems are playing a vital role in the diagnosis, treatment and care of cancer patients. Network clinicians, are already using the technology to regularly review cases and adopt or change courses of treatment. Apart from saving consultants' time, the system also enables hospitals to provide more timely patient care. In addition, it allows for more inputs from specialists at other sites who otherwise might not have been able to attend.

LifeSize Communications, also announced its plans of expansion in the Indian market by signing distribution agreements with leading resellers like – Actis Technologies, Enkay Technologies and SEC Communications, in addition to its existing channel partner, PLUS Business Machines.

With a large number of systems already installed in India, LifeSize and its partners aim to reach out to customers in key verticals such as government, large enterprises, BFSI, telemedicine, the education sector and the technology and service industries. 

[According to industry estimates, the audio-video conferencing industry in India stood at Rs. 100 core at the end of 2006-07, up from Rs. 65 core in the preceding financial year and is likely to grow at a CAGR of 24.9% through 2011 — to be included as a special window item just after this news]

LipidLabs acquires and adopts 'Telemedicus (TMI)' corporate name and technology

LipidLabs, Inc. announced its board resolution that adopts the Telemedicus (TMI) corporate moniker as they move forward into the telemedicine marketplace. LipidLabs has recently purchased the assets of Telemedicus, Inc., including the “Disaster Relief and Emergency Medical Services (Dreams) Technology” and related communication equipment and technology developed by Texas A&M University.

The 'Dreams Technology' was developed through a $20 million funding from Department of Defense  for cutting-edge emergency medical response projects. Through high-quality video, doctors in hospital emergency rooms can see and direct the first responders' treatment of the patient. This technology improves trauma victims' probability of survival, especially in remote areas, offshore drilling and battlefields beyond the physical reach of medical specialists in well-equipped trauma centers.

The Telemedicus technology has been in operation since 2003 in Houston and in Liberty County, Texas. It can be used to treat trauma casualties anywhere conventional advanced emergency medical treatment is unavailable – in military operations, offshore drilling operations and in rural areas.  

Healthcare on-the-fly : MedLink to provide medical support to Spirit Airlines passengers

MedAire Inc., a global provider of remote medical education, expertise and equipment, recently announced that US based Spirit Airlines will add MedAire's 24/7 MedLink Global Response Services to its entire fleet. (Spirit Airlines Inc. is the largest Ultra Low-Cost Carrier in the US, Latin Amer


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