Modicare introduces a range of Wellness products for a healthy lifestyle

Our modern and hectic life style leaves much to be desired when it comes to a complete nutritional diet. Due to unhealthy eating habits like skipped meals, crash diets or eating highly processed foods that may be low on nutrition makes it difficult to restore the required nutrients in our body. To take care of the complete family needs, Modicare Limited, a leading direct selling company, has introduced an entire line of Wellness products. Well Protein Nourisher is a high quality “Complete Protein” source that contains more than 80% protein and supplies all the nine essential amino acids necessary for the growth and maintenance of the body. A 100 percent vegetarian product with no added flavors, preservatives, sweeteners or colours, Well Protein Nourisher is cholesterol-free, low on fat and has added benefits of naturally occurring soy isoflavones, calcium, iron and phosphorus. Being neutral in taste it can easily blend with almost all food and beverage items, like chapatti, gravy, juices or milk without altering their taste and nutritive value. Suitable for all age groups, Well Protein Nourisher is priced at Rs 749/-(200gm pack) and Rs 1599/- (500gm pack) Well AM-PM is an energising & stress relieving dietary supplements with a unique combination pack of two powerful dietary supplements. It provides good nutrition and takes care of general well being


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