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Konica Minolta develops wireless digital radiography system

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eHEALTH BureauKonica Minolta Medical & Graphic, Inc (Konica Minolta) has launched a lightweight, wireless and cassette-sized digital radiography system. The detector has the same dimensions as a 14 x 17 ISO4090 compliant film cassette so it will fit an existing wall-stand or table bucky tray without modifications. The new system is a flat panel detector (FPD) incorporating Konica Minolta’s originally developed Cesium Iodide (CsI) scintillator and features low x-ray dosage while maintaining high-resolution images. By using Konica Minolta developed image processing technology, nurtured in the development of the REGIUS CR systems, the new cassette-sized digital radiography system will consistently provide high quality diagnostic images.Great effort was put into designing this wireless, intuitive and lightweight system. The 14 x 17 panel is lighter than three kilograms (6.5 lbs) and incorporates a unique battery design that provides extended battery life and very short charge cycle. The new wireless system’s imaging console includes some improvements in workflow by providing a new simple and user friendly design. One such feature is the ability to share an operation console with a new or existing Konica Minolta REGIUS CR system.  Konica Minolta has been eagerly pursuing expansion of its healthcare business in the medium to long range span, focusing on computed radiography ‘REGIUS’ series and other medical imaging and information systems, such as PACS, RIS, and radiocontrast agents along with the development of the new wireless DR panel.  Konica Minolta will continue its endeavor to provide improvement of diagnostic image quality and operating efficiency across its entire medical product line while continuing to introduce state-of-the-art technologies in the medical imaging field and providing new values in terms of high quality products, services and solutions.

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