Three major hospitals in Pune implement SoftLink’s HIS

For more than a decade SoftLink International has been developing cutting-edge products in the field of healthcare IT and medical imaging for its clients in India, USA, Middle East and Asia Pacific. Founded in 1997, today SoftLink has an impressive installed base of 175 plus clients in 15 countries, making it one of the fastest growing Healthcare IT MNC with Indian origin.

Recently, SoftLink released a .Net version of Panacea HIS, which is an instant hit with 3 major hospital in Pune and another international hospital in Zambia is deciding to implement it for their respective hospital. Panacea which is in its 5th release is a multi-centric and multi-branch HIS with a combination of client server, as well as Web base technology. The latest version, branded as ‘Panacea.Net’ has all good features of the original Panacea with added advantage of latest .Net technology.

Joshi Hospital, Ratna Memorial Hospital, as well as Poona Hospital and Research Center decided on Softlink HIS after uating HIS from number of vendors from different parts of India. Experience of more than decade in Hospital IT and an impressive product portfolio of SoftLink International comprising of a fully integrated suite of HIS/CIS/RIS/PACS, has helped them win these deals against competition. A “one-stop shop” for an end-to-end IT requirement in Hospital makes SoftLink a preferred vendor against competition.

ResMed introduces next-generation CPAP series in India

ResMed, a leading developer, manufacturer, and distributor of sleep and respiratory medical equipment introduced its new cutting-edge sleep apnea therapy platform called the S9 Series in India.

The S9 Series combines a sleek design with superior functionality and more comfort. Combined climate control and humidification delivers unsurpassed comfort to the patient by controlling both the temperature and humidity that the patient breathes. The S9 Series is expected to not only help more sleep apnea patients adhere to the treatment, but also help sleep professionals make more informed decisions.

The most effective treatment for sleep apnea is Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) therapy. In this non-invasive treatment, air is pressurised by a small device and delivered to the airway of the patient through a mask that fits on/over the nose, or nose and mouth. The pressurised air keeps the upper airway open and helps the person experience a restful night’s sleep without interruptions caused by apneas.

The S9 Series is designed to deliver unsurpassed comfort to the patient by automatically controlling the pressure, temperature and humidity of the air that the patient breathes. The temperature as well as the humidity is controlled through input from five different sensors, including sensors close to the mask, a feature unique to the S9 Series over any of its competition. Optimal humidification is then achieved automatically. A new enhanced Easy-Breathe motor also reduces the conducted noise offering the quietest mask and machine combination available on the market.

S9 Features:

  • Optional automatic climate control – this is a true paradigm shift in CPAP therapy.
  • Easy-Breathe Technology for significantly reduced mask and machine noise levels (radiated and conducted).
  • Enhanced Easy-Breathe EPR reduces the work of breathing during exhalation and adapts to the patient’s breathing cycle.
    The S9 identifies both obstructive and central apnea events and the S9 AutoSet responds accordingly.
  • Innovative design and interface increases ease-of-use and patient acceptance.
  • SlimLine and ClimateLine tubing offers a significant advance in patient comfort with 35 percent less volume than competing tubing systems.
  • Summary of compliance and efficacy data for up to 365 nights including mask leak, AHI, and central apnea statistics.
    Sleep quality information storage on SD-card, colour
  • LCD screen for convenience as well as remote monitoring options.

Healthsprint wins Outstanding Smarter Planet Industry Solution award

Healthsprint wins the IBM Beacon Award 2010 in the Outstanding Smarter Planet Industry Solution by an ISV category held in Rome in May.  Each year, IBM recognises the best solutions business partners deliver across  businesses and around the world. Beacon winners were selected by leading industry journalists, analysts, and IBM utives for the 21 award categories as leaders who focus on deep skills and solutions

Selected from hundreds of nominations from around the world, Healthsprint has set the standard for business excellence, innovative solutions, ingenuity and client satisfaction.

Aarogyasri may soon become a centrally-assisted scheme

The Andhra Pradesh Government has requested the Government of India to adopt the Aarogyasri scheme as a nationally-assisted healthcare scheme for poor and low income people. The Government of India while appreciating the scheme, will study the scheme to decide about the assistance. If the proposal of the state Government is accepted, Aarogyasri will become a centrally-assisted scheme.

The Chief Minister Dr K Rosaiah, who has taken up this issue with the Planning Commission has been insisting that the Government of India should assist such a noble and gigantic healthcare scheme. Dr. Rosaiah discussed the latest progress of the Aarogyasri scheme with Chief Secretary, SV Prasad; Principal Secretary, J Satyanarayana and CEO, Aarogyasri Trust, Babu A. The Chief Minister is hopeful that once the Planning Commission studies the scheme in depth, it would definitely help Andhra Pradesh in the successful continuance of the scheme. Aarogyasri is the unique healthcare scheme launched by the former Chief Minister Dr YS Rajasekhara Reddy for providing quality healthcare and treatment to the poor and low income in corporate hospitals without spending any money.

Aarogyasri scheme has already become very popular with other states and in other countries as well. The transparent and unique online treatment and payment scheme which is being monitored 24×7 by a team of expert doctors are to be replicated by many other states like Karnataka, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu. Even other countries have evinced keen interest in launching the scheme for providing quality healthcare to their under-privileged people.

GE Healthcare forms strategic alliance with CardioDx

GE Healthcare and CardioDx, a pioneer in cardiovascular genomic diagnostics, recently announced that the companies have entered into a strategic alliance to advance and co-develop diagnostic technologies to improve the care and management of patients with cardiovascular disease. Building on the alliance, the GE Healthymagination Fund, a new equity fund that makes investments in highly promising healthcare technology companies, has invested USD 5 million in CardioDx as part of a Series D round that the fund is leading. The alliance between the two companies aligns with GE’s healthymagination initiative which focuses on reducing cost, increasing access and improving quality in healthcare. This also marks the first investment for the Healthymagination Fund.

CardioDx develops genomic tests to aid in the assessment and tailoring of care of individuals with cardiovascular diseases such as coronary artery disease (CAD), cardiac arrhythmias and heart failure. GE Healthcare is a world-class provider of advanced technologies for cardiovascular imaging and monitoring. The strategic fit between the two businesses combined with expanded capabilities in product research and development will accelerate the development of new high-value integrated technologies for the diagnosis and care of patients with suspected heart disease. This alliance also reflects GE Healthcare’s continuing interest in opportunities to combine in vivo and in vitro diagnostic technologies to improve patient care.

CardioDx’s initial product, Corus CAD, is a clinically validated non-invasive genomic test that uses data such as gene expression levels and other patient characteristics to assess the likelihood that a patient has obstructive coronary artery disease (CAD). Today, patients with suspected CAD are diagnosed through a combination of non-invasive and invasive procedures. Corus CAD uses a simple blood test to quantify the likelihood of CAD, helping cardiologists make more informed decisions on how best to diagnose and treat their patients.

The Healthymagination Fund is part of GE’s USD 6 billion healthymagination initiative, a global commitment to deliver better healthcare to more people at lower cost. The USD 250 million Healthymagination Fund targets three broad areas for investment: broad-based diagnostics, healthcare information technology, and life sciences.

Phase II of National Initiative for Patient Safety commences at its second workshop

Honorable Health Minister Shri Ghulam Nabi Azad inaugurated the second in series of workshop of NIPS (National Initiative for Patient Safety) in presence of other dignitaries from Government of India, Director of AIIMS, WHO Representative of India and many more. The Department of Hospital Administration, AIIMS in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO), INCLEN Trust and supported by knowledge partner BD, has commenced phase two of NIPS. The comprehensive three day workshop aimed to bring on a single platform reputed clinicians, nurses and hospital administrators from 12 leading public and private hospitals and promote the culture of patient safety under the umbrella of NIPS.

NIPS is an initiative conceptualized and spearheaded by Dr. Shakti Kumar Gupta, Head of Department- Hospital Administration, AIIMS. NIPS has been set up with the objective to sensitise the various healthcare institutions on the concepts of patient safety and healthcare associated infections, identify the prevailing infection control processes being followed across the medical colleges/hospitals of India through baseline assessments of infection control processes, identify the gaps prevailing in the realm of patient safety and thereby help the hospitals take measures to improve the care being imparted to the patients. It also sensitizes the healthcare delivery system on various issues of medication management, surgical safety and patient communication.

The second workshop of NIPS (National Initiative for Patient Safety) marked the continuity of the series of comprehensive workshops providing a platform for national experts to share their experience in the implementation of patient safety practices; as well as interact and learn global practices on patient safety including infection control from internationally renowned experts on patient safety. The core areas of focus for NIPS II were the WHO Global Patient Safety Challenges.

The participating teams of six experts from each institute/hospital are expected to propagate the concepts of patient safety by formation of functional committees on surgical safety, infection control including hand hygiene, medication management, patient communication and hand offs and setting up surveillance and monitoring mechanisms.

As the only corporate body to become the Knowledge Partner to NIPS, BD India’s key role is to provide international knowledge on infection control and patient safety thereby enabling better delivery of care. BD would also help NIPS carry out the baseline and end line assessments of patient safety guidelines in the hospitals that agree to undergo the assessments.

Schiller India launches Truscope Elite, a modular patient monitor

Schiller India, a leading Swiss Joint Venture Company in the field of medical diagnostics, has launched a new modular patient monitor called Truscope Elite. It consists of a host monitor and an Emergency Mobile Server (EMS), which is connected to the host monitor. Various configurations of the EMS module are available as per customer requirement. According to V Balakrishnan, Sr. Vice President, Truscope Elite is the first patient monitor with a display on the module itself and is an ideal monitor for operation theatres.

Truscope Elite provides DVI connectivity through which the monitor can be connected to the big plasma LCD screen. CIS connectivity enables the user to see digital images such as digital X-ray, CT, and MRI digital images on the bedside on Truscope Elite if the same has been stored in digital format on the hospital central server.


  • Basic monitor
  • 17″ color TFT LCD display with 13 touch buttons
  • 3/5/7 lead ECG display (12 lead display optional)
  • Nine different screen configurations
  • ST and arrhythmia analysis’
  • 96 hours graphical and tabular trends
  • Drug dose calculation and OXY-CRG software
  • External video (VGA) output
  • Built in battery with backup of 1 hour
  • Connectivity to wired CNS

Emergency Mobile Server (EMS)

Seamless transport solution meeting the clinician’s demand

  • Providing fast and convenient monitoring during the patient’s transfer with display, battery alarm and storage capability
  • Patient data gets transferred automatically when connected to the base unit
  • Compact design, convenient to carry, allowing patient to move freely
  • 3.5″ color TFT LCD display
  • 8 hours of graphical and tabular trends
  • Battery back-up : 1 hour
  • Parameters available in module: ECG, RR, SPO2, NIBP, 2 Temperatures, 2-4 IBP, ETCO2, Multigas, Cardiac output

Honeywell HomMed and eDevice expand connectivity solutions for telehealth

HomMed, a world leader in telehealth and remote patient care, announced the expansion of its partnership with eDevice to bring extended connectivity to its LifeStream remote patient care system and Genesis DM monitor.The Genesis DM telehealth device measures vital signs such as heart rate, blood pressure, weight, and SPo2, and provides customizable subjective disease-related queries for a more complete picture of an individual’s health. Automated and secure transfer of medical and vital signs records is made using eDevice eHealth data communication terminals and modules.

Designed for use at a patient’s home for continuous health monitoring, it provides greater access to health information, enhancing efficiency and improving patient outcomes. 

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