Rwanda: Using ICT in medicine for Better Health Care

One of the most promising ICT development projects in RDB/IT division is the e-health project, which involves 3 main projects: the store and forward system, the tele-medicine video conferencing and the real time tele-medicine system. According to Nkubito Bakuramutsa, they have now reached the final stage of the store and forward system, which is ready for use. Dominique Rwakunda, the Director General of Kabgayi Hospital, adds that the system is only in its first implementation phase, but there is a hope that once it gets into full swing it will help solve many problems.

Wilson Muyenzi, the e-Rwanda project manager at RDB/IT, explains that together with Dash-s Technology Company they are currently training 25 doctors on the usage of those systems. He added that a main stumbling block for the implementation of all these projects is the slow connectivity speed, which is why they have first to settle the issue of bandwidth which will result in a 10 Gb high speed Internet connection. Richard Bomboma, the country director of the Swedish International Cooperation Agency (SIDA) which is one of the main sponsors of RDB/IT, says he is much impressed with the achievements in ICT in the country.


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