High cigarette tax could could increase use of e-cigarettes in Florida

e-Cigarettes are Chinese invention, steel tubes that include a battery, nicotine cartridge and an atomizer; which on inhaling makes the device glow. On exhaling a mist is released that looks like smoke. These are available in various flavours such as chocolate and strawberry, indicating that they have been made to appeal the youth. Those in its favour say that it is better for the smokers when compared to tobacco cigarettes. On the other hand, those who disagree explain that it is worst mechanism that allows inhale of direct nicotine, hence, causing addiction.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration spent several months investigating e-cigarettes. FDA has refused entry of the same at U.S. Borders. Few e-cigarette companies, argued that the FDA has no jurisdiction over the products and have sued the federal agency in federal court. A e-cigarette provider, Smoking Everywhere Inc., explained that one can purchase U.S.$100 e-cigarette kit and flavor cartridges (US$10 a piece) from more than 100 resellers and that it is even available on Amazon.com.


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