Global Quality @ Local Cost Tarek Mo, HeadIndia Operations,Mindray Medical India Pvt. Ltd.

Established in 1991 in Shenzen, China, Mindray Medical has since emerged as one of the leading global manufacturer and supplier of highquality medical equipments and devices. The company remains committed to offer most competitively priced products without compromising on quality, reliability and performance. Having started its India operations from January 2007 Mindray has already established itself as a leading player in patient monitoring and life support, in-vitro diagnostics and medical imaging segments.

Tarek Mo, Head“India Operations, Mindray Medical India Pvt. Ltd. talks with eHEALTH about his plans for the domestic market and reflects on current issues concerning the industry as a whole.

We aim to set up a long term and mutually beneficial relationship with valuable local partners, as we do in Chinese market. We cherish the partnership we have established so far and are looking forward to a more extensive and in-depth cooperation with local partners

How have you seen the advancement in the field of medical electronics over last few decades? Which areas of healthcare have mostly been benefited through such technologies?

The biggest two breakthroughs were MRI and CT, both of which won Nobel prizes. The imaging areas have since benefited the most.

What is the portfolio of medical equipments and devices that you are currently offering in India?

Mindray is a leading developer, manufacturer and marketer of medical devices worldwide. Mindray offers a broad range of products across three primary segments – patient monitoring & life support, in-vitro diagnostic products and medical imaging systems. All these instruments are marketed in India.

A number of medical equipment companies are setting up R&D and manufacturing base in India. Do you have similar plans in this country? 

We own a world class R&D team with more than 1,500 engineers located in five research centers i.e. Shenzhen, Beijing and Nanjing in China, along with Mahwah and Seattle in U.S. Over 60% of them hold Masters or Doctorate  degrees. At this Stage, we do not intend to build a R&D center in India. However, going forward, India is no doubt an ideal place for us to outsource and engage researchers with good talent and experience in medical industry.

What has been your marketing and business strategy in India? Are you working through your own resources or through local distributor/reseller network?

We aim to set up a long term and mutually beneficial relationship with valuable local partners, as we do in Chinese market. We cherish the partnership we have established so far and are looking forward to a more extensive and in-depth cooperation with local partners. We strongly believe that an excellent and mature distribution network could help us better understand and penetrate the local market.

What are the existing regulatory hurdles and bottlenecks for medical device companies operating in India? What will be your wish list from government authorities for boosting this industry?

India is a great emerging market. It is pretty attractive for many medical equipment companies. However, unqualified instruments without CE mark are also floating around due to absence of strict entry regulations. Such situation is quite threatening for healthcare industry and people in general, and is not conducive for continuous growth and technology  advancement of medical equipment companies. We wish more strict regulations be implemented by government authorities in order to weed out poor quality and low-grade products


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