GE Healthcare and HCL form healthcare IT partnership

HCL and GE Healthcare, a leading provider of healthcare technology, announced recently a structured partnership to bring together HCL’s renowned business and technology services with GE Healthcare’s portfolio of healthcare IT software.

The combination of the two industry leaders will enable current and future customers to utilise HCL for all aspects of their healthcare IT lifecycle planning, deployment, customization, and ongoing maintenance. Through the partnership, GE Healthcare will certify HCL on its core healthcare IT offering ‘Centricity Enterprise’ and integrate HCL into its ‘Digital Day One’ effort which helps new hospitals in emerging markets open their doors as fully digital hospitals.

“Making Digital Day One a reality will require a massive ecosystem, with systems integrators playing a critical role. To have an industry leader like HCL join forces with us is a significant step forward and a great endorsement of our approach,” said Laurent Rotival, Vice President and General Manager, GE Healthcare IT.

“We’re aligned with GE’s vision and approach in every way and are proud to be their strategic systems integration partner,” said Shami Khorana, president for HCL Technologies for North and South America.

Philips announces Magnetic Particle Imaging technology

Royal Philips Electronics recently announced the first 3D imaging results obtained with a new imaging technology called Magnetic Particle Imaging (MPI). The technology, which uses the magnetic properties of iron-oxide nanoparticles injected into the bloodstream, has been used in a pre-clinical study to generate unprecedented real-time images of arterial blood flow and volumetric heart motion. This represents a major step forward in taking Magnetic Particle Imaging from a theoretical concept to an imaging tool to help improve diagnosis and therapy planning for many of the world’s major diseases, such as heart disease, stroke and cancer.

The results of the pre-clinical study were published in issue 54 of Physics in Medicine and Biology (2009). The results obtained from Philips’ experimental MPI scanner mark an important step towards the development of a whole-body system for use on humans.

Philips MPI scanners can perform a wide range of functional cardiovascular measurements in a single scan. These could include measurements of coronary blood supply, myocardial perfusion and the heart’s ejection fraction, wall motion and flow speeds.

Relisys and 2 Spring BV Netherland sign exclusive European representation agreement

Relisys Medical Devices Limited, an India based integrated medical device manufacturer headquartered at Hyderabad, has successfully closed an Exclusive European Representation agreement with the Netherland based 2 Spring BV. RMDL has given exclusive representative rights for its wide range of OEM products covering coronary stents, peripheral stents, PTCA catheters, SDS, Guide catheters, Dx catheters, Intracranial micro catheters, neurology catheters, nephrology catheters, semi finished components and complex medical tubing’s including multiple lumen tubing’s, braided tubing’s and catheter tubing’s, balloon tubing’s to 2 spring, one of the leading service provider to the medical device companies in Europe.

Dr. Krishna Reddy, Chairman of Relisys Medical Devices Limited announcing the agreement said, “The agreement is the first step in a strategic international marketing collaboration with Europe’s leading OEM partner. Relisys will enforce the collaboration with 2 Springs that enables us not only to exploit our finished devices but also take up contract manufacture as per the customer’s designs.

Mr. Paul MD of 2Spring said, Relisys would be one of the unique companies which can offer a basket full of solutions for the device industry. We are very happy to see that Relisys had built one of the best facilities on par with international standards and are excited to work with them in the European OEM market.

iSOFT reports First Half Year Revenue Up by 168%

iSOFT, an IBA Health Group Company, Australia’s largest listed health information technology company announced a revenue growth of 168% in its first-half yearly results ending 31 December, 2008.

For the half year ended 31 December 2008, the total revenue of iSOFT on a standalone basis, stood at A$275.4 (US$176.7) million, up by 168% from the first half yearly revenue of A$102.8 (US$66) million. The company’s net profit for the first six months increased to A$10.3 (US$6.6) million, compared to a loss of A$1.1 (US$0.7) million in the previous corresponding period. Underlying EBITDA was A$67.5 (US$43.3) million, up 161% from A$25.8 (US$16.6) million.

utive Chairman and CEO of iSOFT, Gary Cohen said: “We have achieved profitable revenue growth in the first half, driven by solid recurring revenues across all our geographies. We are continuing to benefit from global investment in health IT by governments worldwide, and the computerisation of healthcare records”.

Siemens introduces eSie Touch – ‘breast elasticity’ technology for early detection of breast cancer

Siemens Healthcare known for bringing innovative medical technologies recently launched their latest ultrasound software feature ‘eSie Touch’ for early breast cancer detection in Mumbai. The technology of elasticity imaging is the first in India for healthcare diagnostics, designed to add useful information for clinical management of breast cancer. The software introduced in India after its proven success in the US, will supplement the regular ultrasound breast examination for cancerous tissues and address early diagnosis of breast cancer amongst women in India.

The unique technology is called breast elasticity, and by software called eSie Touch, the breast elasticity technique enhances the image quality to differentiate relative stiffness of tissues. It is a diagnostic tool available with ACUSON Antares – Siemens premium ultrasound system.

Elasticity imaging within breast ultrasound imaging is poised to assist doctors to early detection and improve diagnostic efficiency. The technology eliminates the usual method of applying pressure on the breast to get better image quality. It also reduces the need for multiple biopsies.

GE Healthcare brings web-based imaging solutions to Asia

GE recently unveiled a suite of Centricity solutions targeted for hospitals and outpatient imaging centers. Building on Centricity’s business process and advanced clinical capabilities, the suite provides the robust Web-based accessibility of IntegradWeb solutions through the acquisition from Dynamic Imaging.

With this, Centricity PACS-IW Solutions for hospitals will be able to offer Web-based portability, instantaneous image reporting and scalable business processes. This single-desktop solution will drive practice efficiency, productivity for the radiologist and immediate results access for the referring physician by fostering a more collaborative approach to patient care and provider partnerships.

“Centricity PACS-IW is a one-stop destination that will take medical imaging to new heights of clinical productivity and collaboration without boundaries, said Clarence Wu, VP and Asia Pacific GM, said, GE Healthcare IT Solutions.

Transasia Biomedical launches new Autoclavable Mechanical Pipette Range – Proline Plus

Transasia Bio-Medicals Ltd. has launched a new autoclavable mechanical pipette range, the Proline Plus family (Erba Biohit Range manufactured by Biohit, Finland).

The new Proline Plus pipettor has combined the basic functionalities of the traditional Proline mechanical with new, state-of-the-art pipettor design and technology. Particular emphasis has been put on safety, ergonomics, and efficiency in pipetting, as well as on the high quality of the device.

The new Proline Plus is fully autoclavable, resistant to UV light and a wide range of chemicals and easy to maintain and calibrate. Additionally, the pipettors are equipped with replaceable tip cone filters that give additional protection against contamination.

Proline Plus is available in both adjustable single and multichannel models and fixed volume single-channel models, in volume ranges from 0.1 l to 10 ml. Like all other mechanical pipettors from Transasia, Proline Plus is CE/IVD marked and comes with a 3-year warranty.


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