CSW acquires software assets of H2HCare

CSW Group Ltd,  a leading provider of standards-based e-records products for healthcare and knowledge management in the UK, have acquired the software assets of H2HCare, a health IT company, which specialises in the ‘business of healthcare’. H2HCare provides web-based billing, contracting and financial management capabilities to support effective patient care for public and private healthcare organisations. Here it deserves a mention that CSW has combined in-depth knowledge of the requirements of clinical users with advanced web and XML technology, in its Case Notes product suite, to deliver a new generation of solutions for shared care, health records management.

As a result of this acquisition, H2HCare products will be incorporated into CSW’s Case Notes product suite, extending it from an electronic health record for cross-agency shared care into a complete service management system for scheduling care delivery and meeting the extended contract quality challenges in the new commissioning environment.

The new software will be released this autumn in Case Notes v5.2 as the Case Notes Financials, Patient Administration and Enterprise Booking modules. CSW is in discussion with former customers of H2HCare in Ireland on upgrades to the new Case Notes versions of the product.

Eamonn Furniss, former Chief utive, H2HCare said, “I am delighted to see our software incorporated into CSW’s Case Notes. CSW and H2HCare have worked as partners in the past and have very complementary product offerings for private and public healthcare. The combined product offering will be unique in offering a fully integrated enterprise solution for both clinical and administrative users, and will ultimately improve the patient experience.”

Case Notes Enterprise Booking allows GPs to refer and book patients indirectlyautomating the patient booking and scheduling process throughout the hospital and other health or social care settings.

Case Notes Financials is an integrated suite of web-based components which support each stage of the revenue lifecycle from patient access, to billing and claims processing. According to John Chelsom, Managing Director of CSW Group, “The new added features and functionality make Case Notes one of the most comprehensive web-based electronic health records systems on the market.”

RSLSTEEPER opts for doc@Home for addressing its telehealth solutions

RSLSTEEPER, an important supplier of prosthetic and orthotic patient care services in the UK, has teamed up with Docoboa UK healthcare solutions provider which is involved in the management and prevention of Long Term Conditions (LTCs also known as chronic diseases)to provide clients with doc@HOME. doc@HOME is an integrated telehealth solution for the remote management of patients with a range of Long Term Conditions (also known as chronic diseases). It is the means for the collection and analysis of essential patient related data, permitting effective management through efficient interaction between clinicians and patients at home.

The doc@HOME service is designed to provide a systematic approach to the management of chronic disease in the home and other locations, which are remote from the clinicians’ office.  Patient-clinician interaction is typically via the Docobo HealthHub, a fit for purpose, robust, hand-held data collection unit which connects through a standard telephone line at the patients home to secure server. The Docobo HealthHUB portable home monitor allows patients to record vital signs, symptoms, lifestyle and  quality of life  measures around the clock from any location. Healthcare professional interaction with the doc@HOME service is via secure web access, using standard browsers, enabling patient management at a range of locations.

Changes in patient trends can be identified and notified to the authorised user. An authorised clinician can access the patient record on demand and send messages directly to the patient, for example, a request to visit the surgery or to change the frequency and/ or volume of medication.

Andrew Thornton, Managing Director of RSLSTEEPER,said, “We chose doc@HOME because it has several benefits, not least the fact that it has been developed and widely tested successfully in the UK. It has great functionality which makes it ideal for patients with different long term conditions, not just one single disease. The price of the unit is also very attractive. As well as having low cost, there are no hidden extras that you find with other telehealth solutions.”  

System C  expands its ambit into the healthcare market

System C Healthcare plc (‘System C’) has announced a significant strategic step into the private healthcare market with the acquisition of IQ Systems Services Ltd. Here it deserves a mention that System C Healthcare Plc specialises in the provision of information systems and solutions to the healthcare sector. System C Healthcare plc is an independent British company specialising in the provision of clinical information systems and services to the healthcare sector. These services include the implementation of electronic patient record (EPR) systems and patient administration systems (PAS), and a range of associated services including data migration, systems interfacing and training.

IQ Systems Services Ltd is a leading supplier of patient management and clinical software solutions for private treatment centres and hospitals. Its IQUtopia product is highly regarded in the private healthcare marketplace and has been deployed at a number of prestigious private sector treatment centres in the UK.

IQUtopia complements System C’s MedWay Patient Administration and Electronic Patient Record (EPR) software. The acquisition of IQ will accelerate System C’s expansion into the private healthcare market as well as strengthen its product portfolio. IQ has a number of major private healthcare customers.

System C’s Chief utive, Ian Denley commented on this acquisition while stating that, “We are delighted that IQ has chosen to become a fully integrated part of the System C business.”

He further added, “We will work closely with IQ to enhance IQUtopia, strengthen the professional services available to IQ customers, and further expand the strategic relationship with their clients.”

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