Axpert HIP wins “Best Health Information Platform” award at Elets Healthcare Summit

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Axpert HIP was awarded as the “Best Health Information Platform” recently at Elets Healthcare and Wellness Summit in New Delhi.

Axpert HIP is the only HIP built using US patented RAD technology which provides unmatched scalability for healthcare enterprises. Being a low code technology, Axpert HIP can be quickly customised and configured as per the needs and provides 100 per cent flexibility.  It also enables a healthcare establishment to manage HIMS in-house with a small IT team and avoid getting vendor locked.

Axpert HIP digitalizes end to end operations of a hospital leading to a paperless hospital. HL7 connectors enable in achieving interoperability with devices and other systems. Agile Labs thank E health for selecting Axpert HIP for this prestigious award.

The case study considered for the award was the implementation of Axpert HIP at Kauvery Group of Hospitals.

“When we interacted with healthcare experts and business heads, we could realise that the power of Information Technology is not yet completely leveraged in managing healthcare establishments. This being a critical sector that directly impacts lives of people, data and analytics are very crucial,” said Sabarish M S, CTO and Director of Agile Labs.

“Many large enterprise healthcare establishments have resorted to developing their own software as they find numerous challenges with the packed HMS applications available right now. But developing software is not the core competency of a healthcare establishment nor it’s a business line that complements their core business – it’s just a distraction.”

“That is where Agile Labs thought of an aPaaS model, where all the standard modules required for functioning of a Healthcare establishment are provided with ability to customize to any degree coupled with an Integrated Low Coding Development Environment to make any future developments or changes with a small in-house IT team skilled in SQL,” he further stated.

Axpert™ Health Information Platform provides a complete end to end solution for a healthcare enterprise. It helps user’s access real-time data for specific functions.

The healthcare summit was organised by Elets Technomedia, Asia and Middle East’s premier media and technology research organisation in New Delhi on 26 March.

A day-long conference brought together policymakers, international experts and industry leaders to discuss and deliberate upon various facets of healthcare ecosystem. Conducive policies, reaching out to the last mile with healthcare services, importance of technology and innovation for health, challenges and opportunities, etc were discussed at length during the conference.

On this occasion, the Industry leaders and healthcare organisations were also felicitated for their exemplary initiative in healthcare sector.

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