July 2015

Delivering Optimum Healthcare in Rajasthan

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The state of Rajasthan requires optimum infrastructure for efficient healthcare service. The state’s infrastructure development in healthcare has been the top most priority of the government, shares PP Mathur, Chief Engineer, Medical and Health Department, Government of Rajasthan, with Elets News Network (ENN)

The overall goal of the health sector in Rajasthan is to improve the health and nutritional status of the population, in particular the vulnerable groups. The infrastructure development projects would contribute to this goal by achieving some broad objectives.

The state government also aims to enhance the effectiveness and quality of health services at the primary and secondary levels through institutional development and increase access and equity in health care service delivery with particular focus to the underserved sections.

We also target the poor, particularly women, scheduled castes and scheduled tribes (SCs/ STs), most of whom reside in remote rural areas, inaccessible hilly terrain and in desert regions. The objective of the project will be achieved only through strengthening institutional capacity and improved health management systems; extending and renovating health care facilities at district and sub-district levels.

Major initiatives under NABARD/RIDF:
  • Upgradation of 25 PHC to CHC with total cost of `7465.00 lakh through NABARD loan under RIDF XX has been taken up, out of which 7 nos CHC have been already completed
  • The construction of 100 new PHC with total cost of `12,690.00 lakh through NABARD loan under RIDF XX has been taken up, out of which 37 PHC have been completed.
  • Sanction has been issued for construction of 3,000 sub-health centers, which are being taken up in phased manner. In the first phase, work has been awarded for 919 sub centers to be constructed through suitable technology with a sanctioned cost of `24,813.00 lakh. These sub-centers are targeted to be complete in six months period.
  • Dharamshala at district level (14 at `100 lakh each) and at CHC level (263 at `50 lakh each) have been sanctioned for the benefit of the patients. In Dharamshala, 13 district hospitals and 147 CHC have been already completed.
  • In 2015, a Detailed Project Report (DPR) for NABARD loan has been submitted for construction of three new CHC, 20 upgraded CHC, 114 new PHC and 339 new SHC.


Major achievements in National Health Mission (NHM)
  • During the year 2011-12 – 40 CHC, 66 PHC, 320 SHC, 5 ANMTC & 130 Residential Quarters at CHC’s & PHC’s were constructed with total cost of `7620.65 lakh.
  • During the year 2012-13 – 28 CHC, 42 PHC, 86 SHC, 14 JSY Ward 3 ANMTC and 66 Residential Quarters at CHC’s & PHC’s. were constructed with total cost of `6925.79 lakh. While in the year 2013-14, it was 18,420.63 lakh. During the year, the main constructed works were eight CHC, 24 PHC, 47 SHC, 266 Residential Quarter at CHC’s & PHC’s 1 Swasthya Bhawan & 73 JSY Ward.
  • The year 2014-15 saw the coming up of three CHC, six PHC & 2 SHC, residential quarters at 10 district hospitals, 9 CHC, 103 PHC’s & 64 SHC’s, six places and 50 Bedded JSY Ward, 17 Nos 20 Bedded JSY Ward, 11 Nos 50 Bedded MCH Units were constructed with total cost of `23,611.00lakh.
  • During the current year 2015-16 expenditure up to May 2015 was `3,985.00 lakh and the primary completed tasks inlcude 1 Nos Bedded MCH, One 50 Bedded MCH, 11 50 Bedded JSY Wards, 76 Nos 20 Bedded JSY Wards. Presently 21 of 100 Bedded MCH Units, 3 Nos 50 Beddd MCH Units, 15 ANMTC & GNMTC Units, 15 BCMO Office 4 Swasthya Bhawan, 4 PHC Building,7 places CHC qtrs., 84 Nos PHC Quarters, 95 SHC are operational.
  • Up-gradation of 82 city dispensaries located in urban areas has been taken up with a cost of `10.00 lakh each and work has been completed in 42 health centres so far.
  • Sanction has been issued for 88 nos new Urban PHCs with a cost of `75 lakh each. Work will be in progress as soon as there is availability of land.


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