July 2015

108 the ‘Life Saviour’ of Rajasthan

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K. Krishnam Raju, Director, GVK EMRI.

K. Krishnam Raju, Director, GVK EMRI.

GVK EMRI was established with the objective of delivering comprehensive,emergency care service through a single toll-free number 108 (EMS), rendering quality pre-hospital care and transport of a patient to the appropriate healthcare facility.

GVK EMRI (Emergency Management and Research Institute) is a pioneer in emergency management services in India. A not–for–profit organisation operating in Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) mode,GVK EMRI is the largest professional emergency service provider in India today.

Every life saved by 108 is a reflection of the combined effort of a team of dedicated professionals.Thanks to their tireless efforts, today,108 is a symbol of hope, trust and reassurance. GVK EMRI has in place,meticulously drawn processes that ensure speedy, effective pre-hospitalcare designed to save lives. A four-pronged approach: Sense–Reach–Care–Follow-Up is aimed at a holistic delivery of the most sophisticated emergency management services.

With increased focus on research and analytics, GVK EMRI is now poised to enter the arena of protecting law and order in the society. From 108,104, 102, 181, to 100, GVK EMRI has left no stone unturned to reach out to the needy.

GVK EMRI is currently operational in 17 States including two Union Territories – Andhra Pradesh,Telangana, Gujarat, Uttarakhand,Goa, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Assam, Meghalaya, Madhya Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Kerala, Dadra & Nagar Haveli and Daman &Diu. With a fleet of more than 9487+Ambulances across the nation, we have responded to approx. 36.1 Memergencies and saved 1350,556+ lac lives.

The launch of 108 Services in Rajasthan on 20 September 2008 heralds a new era of emergency medical care in the state. The service has revolutionised response to the people in distress and contributed to health index of the state directly.

108 Emergency Response Services run by GVK EMRI and Government of Rajasthan in PPP mode has become a symbol of faith reposed in the program for its response to any kind of emergency – be it medical,police or fire, 24X7 across entire state of Rajasthan.

GVK EMRI has attended more than 10.26 lakh emergencies in last two years of operations in Rajasthan. 7411-0-8 Ambulances cover more than seven crore population in 33 districts.Every day, 108 respond to over 1700 emergencies. 99 per cent of calls received on 108 are attended with in three seconds, on par with global standards. GVK EMRI Rajasthan team comprises of a strong force of 3300 dedicated associates, responding to more than 45000 emergencies in a month.

The service has directly contributed in the reduction of MMR/IMR in Rajasthan. Institutional deliveries have increased significantly over last two years as 37 per cent of total emergencies handled by 108 comprises of pregnancy-related emergencies.

Years of experience have in creased the operational and management expertise in running the 108 program. Quality has gone up, costs have come down, the program has expanded, efficiency has increased,add on synergies have emerged, the number of services provided has increased and the ability of upstream and downstream health facilities to respond to the emergencies has also increased. Perceptions have changed in both the state and the centre,to seeing such investment as both affordable and essential.

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