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Initially we thought we were a marketing company but now we have surpassed that identity and we are known to sell preventive health check-up packages, ranging from basic fitness tests to a comprehensive full-body check-up, says Indus Health Plus Director Kanchan Amol Naikwadi in conversation with Sharmila Das

What is the idea behind the launch of Indus Health Plus? What was the Eureka moment for you?

It is a cause. My father was ill. I was pregnant at that time and was kept away from my father as he had to go for chemotherapy sessions. We couldn’t realise what he was suffering from until he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. It was very shocking and unexpected to all of us. It triggered me for this cause. Also healthcare facilities were costlier and we wanted to make it affordable and accessible. People have knowledge about diseases but they need education on it and we try to educate people.

Kindly tell us about your education and career?

I am a graduate in Commerce. But I learned the basics and fine nuances of business from my uncle. We started Indus Health Plus in a room in Model Colony, Pune. We wanted to make preventive healthcare affordable, accessible and it was very challenging. We didn’t have anybody as a mentor or anyone whom we could look up to mainly because there wasn’t any preventive healthcare company before. We were the ioneers and we had to learn it ourselves.

What comes under Indus’s Preventive Health Package?

Indus, at present offers four preventive health check-up packages ranging from basic fitness tests to a comprehensive full-body check-up. The packages are – essential care health check-up package, early care health check-up package, exclusive health check-up package and exclusive and comprehensive health Check-up Package.

How difficult or easy is to get success in Preventive Healthcare? How India as a country is doing in Preventive Healthcare?

Achieving success in any field requires a sustained effort coupled with an untiring zeal to reach one’s goal. It is no different when it comes to preventive healthcare. We met with our share of challenges, but our faith in the cause of preventive healthcare helped us reach the shore.

India is awakening to the need for a greater health consciousness. Even a decade ago, people were not so conscious about certain things as they are today. With greater consciousness and care for one’s health comes the need for prevention of diseases instead cure, which is what preventive healthcare is all about – a timely knowledge about one’s health status.

What are the challenges you have faced in this domain?

It was not very easy in the beginning however my cause kept me going. Our product is very different. You know it is essential but you wouldn’t buy it unless you see someone close to you getting benefited from it or somebody like an agent pitching for it. Initially we thought we were a marketing company but now we have surpassed that identity and we are known to sell preventive health check-up packages.

It isn’t easy for a woman to do business and especially for an Indian woman. It wouldn’t have been possible without the support of my family.

Who were your mentors?

The transformation from a homemaker to a successful businesswoman wouldn’t have been possible without my uncle, Sadanand Bapat. He is an eminent entrepreneur who has been an inspiration in my life and played an influential role, in moulding my personality. He is my friend, philosopher and guide. Following his footsteps, I have learned the art of business and have built my professional career. As a result I could venture into this industry and come such a long way.

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