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  • Varco® Leg Care, a pioneering wellness company, introduces four revolutionary phyto-based leg care products with patent filings, marking a significant advancement in holistic leg health solutions.
  • Led by Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Apurba Ganguly, Varco®’s innovative formulations, including Varco Phyto Oil and Diafoot Cream, leverage cutting-edge biomedical science to address specific leg care needs, reflecting the company’s commitment to precision phytotherapy and green innovation.

Varco® Leg Care, a trailblazing wellness company dedicated to evidence-based phyto-solutions for comprehensive leg care, has unveiled four groundbreaking phyto-based formulations accompanied by patent filings. These cutting-edge products, Varco Phyto Oil, Diafoot Cream, Ulsr Soothe Max, and Veinocap, signify a paradigm shift in holistic leg care, driven by advanced biomedical science and botanical intelligence.

Led by Varco® Leg Care’s Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Apurba Ganguly, these innovative formulations have been meticulously developed to address specific consumer needs, leveraging recent advancements in phytotherapies. The patent filings underscore Varco® Leg Care’s unwavering commitment to pioneering green innovation, elevating safe, natural leg care to unprecedented levels.

Varco Phyto Oil, utilizing patented phytotransdermal technology, redefines varicose vein care by enhancing capillary and valve health, leading to visible improvements in vascular health and appearance. Diafoot Cream, engineered to target diabetic neuropathy, combines ancient wellness practices with modern green science to provide long-term pain relief and nerve nourishment. Ulsr Soothe Max and Veinocap offer comprehensive solutions for non-healing foot ulcers and chronic venous insufficiency, further solidifying Varco® Leg Care’s position as a leader in responsible leg health innovation.

Dr. Apurba Ganguly emphasized Varco® Leg Care’s commitment to precision phyto care, blending botanical wisdom with biomedical advances through purpose-driven R&D. Varco® Leg Care’s patent-pending products signify a new era in holistic leg care, addressing consumer needs with unprecedented precision and efficacy.

Varco® Leg Care’s decade-long dedication to studying evidence-based phytotherapies has culminated in these transformative phyto-based formulations, marking a significant milestone in the company’s journey towards enhancing global leg health. With a vision to lead globally in leg care solutions, Varco® Leg Care remains committed to positively impacting global leg health and fostering a healthier, happier world.

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