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In a groundbreaking collaboration aimed at revolutionizing cardiovascular patient care, Lupin Digital Health, India’s premier evidence-based cardiology Digital Therapeutics (DTx) platform, has partnered with the American College of Cardiology (ACC) to introduce the world’s first Digital Therapeutics Certificate for Cardiologists in India.

Unveiled during the prestigious Platinum Jubilee celebration event of the Cardiology Society of India (CSI) in Kolkata, this initiative marks a significant advancement in integrating cutting-edge digital solutions into cardiology practice.

The Digital Therapeutics Certificate for Cardiologists, pioneered by ACC, acknowledges the commitment of cardiologists to innovation and patient-centered healthcare. This certificate will be awarded to cardiologists adopting Remote Cardiac Rehab and Digital Heart Failure clinic solutions, emphasizing the importance of technology-driven approaches in enhancing patient outcomes.

Dr. Edward Fry, Past President of ACC, highlighted the global significance of this collaboration, emphasizing its potential to advance cardiovascular patient care worldwide. The collaboration aims to encourage the integration of digital solutions to ensure top-notch care and improve outcomes, all from the convenience of patients’ homes.

Rajeev Sibal, President – India Region Formulations, Lupin, expressed pride in supporting cardiologists with patient-centric solutions and setting new standards in digital therapeutics. Sidharth Srinivasan, CEO of Lupin Digital Health, emphasized the transformative milestone this collaboration represents in remote cardiac rehabilitation.

Ami Bhatt, MD, ACC Chief Innovation Officer, underscored the broader impact of recognizing cardiologists pioneering digital therapeutics adaptation in India through Lupin Digital Health’s Lyfe platform.

Lyfe, developed by Lupin Digital Health, stands as India’s first clinically proven remote cardiac rehabilitation program. Trusted by over 450 cardiologists and serving patients across 250 towns and cities in India, Lyfe has demonstrated effectiveness in enhancing heart health and improving the quality of life for cardiovascular patients.

This collaboration between Lupin Digital Health and ACC signifies a significant step forward in global healthcare, aligning with their shared mission to revolutionize cardiovascular patient care through innovative digital solutions.

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