Servo-c Ventilator

In a significant move aimed at fortifying healthcare infrastructure in India, Getinge, a renowned global leader in medical technology, has unveiled its latest innovation, the Servo-c mechanical ventilator. This cutting-edge device marks a pivotal step towards addressing the diverse respiratory needs of patients across the country, both pediatric and adult alike.

The Servo-c ventilator is meticulously crafted to offer lung-protective therapeutic tools, catering to the evolving demands of the healthcare landscape. With a focus on accessibility and affordability, Getinge aims to empower hospitals across India with advanced healthcare solutions without compromising on quality.

Commenting on the launch, Aruna Nayak, Managing Director at Getinge India, highlighted the significance of Servo-c in enhancing respiratory care, particularly in intensive care units. Nayak emphasized the device’s ability to seamlessly transition from invasive to non-invasive ventilation, facilitating optimal patient outcomes and streamlining workflows.

The Servo-c ventilator boasts essential functionalities designed to ensure safe, easy, and efficient usage. Its modular components enable smart fleet management, thereby enhancing uptime and cost efficiency. Additionally, features such as CO2 monitoring and Servo Compass® provide healthcare professionals with real-time insights into lung mechanics and gas exchange, further optimizing patient care.

Nayak reiterated Getinge’s commitment to supporting healthcare professionals in India by providing them with the necessary tools to operate ICUs effectively. With the launch of Servo-c, Getinge aims to uphold this commitment and contribute significantly to the advancement of respiratory care in the country.

The introduction of the Servo-c ventilator underscores Getinge’s dedication to innovation and its mission to make high-quality healthcare accessible to all. As India continues to navigate the challenges in its healthcare sector, initiatives like these serve as catalysts for positive change, promising a brighter and healthier future for all.

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