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The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has given the green light to a substantial loan package worth USD 500 million aimed at bolstering access to high-quality and affordable tertiary healthcare services and medical education in the state of Maharashtra.

Collaborating closely with the Maharashtra state government, ADB is committed to realizing the ambitious goal of making tertiary healthcare accessible and affordable to all citizens by the year 2030. Additionally, the initiative aims to elevate the standards of medical practitioners in the region, as revealed by ADB Health Specialist Nishant Jain.

Jain stated, “This program introduces crucial policy reforms designed to fortify the state’s tertiary healthcare system and elevate the standards of medical education. Furthermore, it will extend medical education and healthcare facilities to bring modern medical services to underserved regions within the state.” These details were disclosed in a press release issued by the regional development bank on Thursday.

According to the release, the project will encompass the construction of four medical colleges that will be affiliated with tertiary care teaching hospitals. These institutions will be designed with climate- and disaster-resilient features and will prioritize gender responsiveness and social inclusivity in underserved districts.

Furthermore, the endeavor will result in an expansion of the bed capacity in government-operated tertiary care hospitals and the recruitment of a minimum of 500 new doctors for the four newly established governmental medical colleges.

In a noteworthy move to integrate gender and social inclusion into medical education, the ADB has pledged to provide support to the state in establishing a dedicated gender unit under the Medical Education and Drugs Department.

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