Every healthcare system needs to be evaluated for efficacy, and a new integrated system needs to be developed for the world, Kamayani Naresh, Health Expert, and Founder of Zyropathy shares with Kaanchi Chawla of Elets News Network (ENN). Edited excerpts:

What position do you think Indian healthcare start-ups are in right now, and how are they doing?

Indian healthcare start-ups are facing stiff resistance from the existing and dominating systems because of a lack of rules and regulations governing and supporting their new ideology. Although India has taken the opportunity to formulate an “Integrated Health System,” where every healthcare system needs to be evaluated for efficacy, and a new integrated system needs to be developed for the world, it’s again dominated by existing players only.

Over the past few years, healthcare has seen a dramatic evolution. New developments and trends in the healthcare sector are being developed by start-ups in that sector. Do you believe the healthcare services offered by start-ups to patients are of high quality?

If any start-up is developing under such stiff and established systems through the word of mouth of satisfied beneficiaries, then it’s a clear-cut indication that high quality services are being provided. The infrastructure of start-ups may not be on par with that of existing systems, but their services are certainly valuable to mankind.

Do you believe Artificial Intelligence is making a sufficient contribution to the expansion of start-up healthcare companies in India?

There is no doubt that Artificial Intelligence will fundamentally alter the delivery of medical care in the not-too-distant future. However, at the moment, start-up companies do not place a high value on technology.

Hospitals and doctors may streamline operations, engage patients, streamline procurement procedures and more with the help of digital care ecosystems provided by health tech start-ups. What are your thoughts on it?

No one can deny that widespread adoption of digital care ecosystems has radically altered the scene. In addition to improving the flow of patients through healthcare facilities, digital care has the potential to aid in the maintenance and analysis of patient information and the diagnosis of serious diseases like cancer. Lessening the length of time patients must wait before being seen allows for a greater throughput of patients.

What opportunities and threats do you think Indian start-ups in the healthcare industry face?

The greatest opportunity for healthrelated start-ups is:

  • Population of our country.
  • The public is becoming more aware of the negative effects of modern medicine
  • Rampant use of steroids, immunosuppressants, chemotherapy, radiation, organ transplants, unethical surgeries, and newly formulated harmful drugs.
  • Value erosion in the modern medicine system.
  • Failure of other medicine systems to provide reliable alternative support to patients who choose not to use modern medicine.

Threats to health start-ups:

  • Government policies and health laws blindly support the modern medicine system.
  • There are no supportive rules and regulations for health startups.
  • Bullying and harassment by the modern medicine system.
  • Spreading rumors and lobbying by the modern medicine system against any other system
  • Usage of derogatory terminology as an alternative to other medicine systems, including start-ups.
  • In our country, there is no infrastructure for start-ups to conduct research and development.

How did this year go for Indian healthcare start-ups? What are their expectations for the future and where do they envision themselves as 2023 draws closer?

The years 2022–2023 have been good for healthcare start-ups. More is expected to happen in 2023–2024, and start-ups will expand further if policies to support healthcare start-ups are developed.

What do you think about the current state and prospects for your organization in the digitally driven healthcare ecosystem?

During the years 2022 and 2023, there have been no significant changes to the status of Zyro Health Care. On the other hand, it is anticipated that the year 2023– 2024 will hold greater promise.

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