Chinese scientists develop tumor-specific anti-cancer therapy: study

According to a study published on Friday in the journal Science Immunology, Chinese scientists developed immunotherapy, a tumor killing therapy that can prevent the immune system from tumor tolerance.

This therapy is said to be more effective than previous similar therapies.

Wang Dangge, along with his team from Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica developed a checkpoint inhibitor which can make your body respond against cancer cells.

The anti-tumor drug helps in blocking proteins that keep immune T cells from killing cancer. But proteins like PD-1 and PD-L1 is targeted by the checkpoint inhibitor as they suppress he immune system.

Wang’s team combined the nanoparticles carrying PD-L1-targeting antibodies with a light-activated molecule. The molecule called photosensitiser can produce tumor-killing reactive oxygen species after encountering a protein abundant in tumors, according to the study.

This combination also helped the nanoparticles effectively suppress tumor growth and metastasis to the lung and lymph nodes, resulting in approximately 80 per cent mouse survival over 70 days, compared to complete mouse death in 45 days in the group treated with only PD-L1 antibodies, according to the study.


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