April 2018

Para Homecare Creating Automated Healthcare Solutions

Dr Sahil Sahotra

We use technology to match the client needs with the suitable care giver or healthcare provider by using automated solutions. These are performed using logics built or written in our software to match the preference fields between the patient and the caregiver, says Dr Sahil Sahotra, Head “ Operations, Para Homecare, a unit of Truehome Healthcare & Technologies Pvt Ltd, in conversation with Elets News Network (ENN).

Q Give us an overview of Para Homecare. Healthcare has been core indicator of any countrys economic growth.

The average spend from GDP indicates the welfare and well-being of the nation. The increase in healthcare developments has improved the longevity of life for the individual and family to manage quality. As the Indian families today become more and more engaged and the need for improving the quality of life increases day-by-day, the demand for a support system that can care for our loved ones rises. The next important thing is someone to maintain a quality life which can further enhance the quantity.

As the families are becoming smaller, there is always a dearth of caring hands for the dependent parent/ uncle/aunt/child/ wife/ husband etc. Para Homecare not only shares the burden but also removes the guilt of not being able to care for someone who is such an important part of an individuals life.

The market demand for domiciliary care has steadily increased and flown into the healthcare sector, while carving its own course.

In todays world, the decreasing amount of time and increasing pressure with individuals due to their tasks, jobs, children, travel etc. and an increase in urbanisation leads to a very challenging situation wherein the younger generations often find themselves lost to care for a loved one. We, at Para Homecare, understand this urge and expanded our portfolio of making available the support, with empathy in our hearts and compassion as our key to deliver service.

Today, life is found in the simplest of comforts such as sleeping in your own bed, drinking in your favourite cup, independence to perform different tasks etc. These can contribute towards a better and successful outcome in a treatment plan. Earlier, this help was a distant vision and majorly available at hospitals or professional institutes. Today, we live in a time where Para Homecare delivers all the care required at home. The range of services extends from general care to highly specialised, customised services delivered at the doorstep.

The core thought and vision of Para Homecare is contributed by eminent professionals who participate in the society as doctors, philanthropists, IIMs graduates who bring along a wide range of experience and expertise to design and formulate the fundamentals of overall management and vision. These are further uted by a strong and dedicated backend team of doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, trainers and other functionaries who continuously guide and preserve the sanctity of care with professionalism delivered at different fronts.

Q How have you been evolved in terms of latest technology and innovations thereby enhancing overall patient care?

Today, technology is the lifeline of any business and the availability of a stronger IT infrastructure helps us evolve as a unique and well defined organisation. In todays scenario, IT platform participates as the face of a business allowing the customer to interact, approach, gather information etc. required before availing a service. The mechanisms today assist and support the customer in viewing the nature of services, availability of the staff to fulfil the need, support system available, reviews etc. before the customer decides to avail the services offered. In our line of work, it is of extreme importance that we understand the right needs and provide as per the demand.

We use technology to match the client needs with the suitable care giver or healthcare provider by using automated solutions. These are performed using logics built or written in our software to match the preference fields between the patient and the caregiver.

Additionally, we also use technology to monitor and ensure high level of professionalism in the delivery of care which is maintained at all levels. It furthers enables us to communicate, follow up and perform cross functionalities & aggregate various other services through our platform such as ambulances, diagnostics, medicines etc.

Q You provide a range of services including Assistive Care Service (ACS) and Skilled Nursing Care. Shed some light over these.

With a strong database of more than 3500 professionally trained caregivers, nurses, physiotherapists, doctors, allied health professionals etc. The staff hired are some of the most dedicated, skilled and devoted caregivers who provide a level of expertise and commitment to their patients well-being. This has mainly been due to the high standards of hiring policies, continuous expert training, regular feedback from our clients and trainers and careful coordination with identification and monitoring of KPIs. The base or the identified credential to be achieved being that we should be able to provide the staff or the caregiver that you can trust and treat as a member. Para Homecare today has been able to achieve a wide experience of performing more than 4000 visits per month.

These visits are not restricted to Delhi-NCR but have extended to different states and currently experienced in more than 11 cities within India. With the introduction of more and more technology and availability of portable medical equipment and advanced monitoring services it helped us support families by providing equipment care support at home, diagnostics, physiotherapists with equipment at home and much more on offer. Some of the core credentials also include assisting in setup of ICU care, breathing support with trained technician to deliver and install the equipment.

Q Tell us about Diagnostics at home service. How does this work?

As we discuss homecare and the various aspects it covers, it is of utmost importance that a patient is provided a complete healthcare package which eases the burden of life and provides a one-stop solution to all healthcare needs.

We, at Para Homecare, ensure that the patient is catered for in all aspects one of them being diagnostics. Again, owing to the developments in technology and techniques of sample collection and testing. A lot of the basic tests and little advanced pathological tests can be performed at the comfort of home without the patient or family being engaged in the hassle of moving back and forth to hospitals or diagnostic centres.

In todays scenario, the ease has been incorporated from collection of samples done in sterile, compliant containers and reports being offered online through e-mails.

Q Homecare service is the evolving vertical of the healthcare sector. Many hospitals have also started this service to cash on patients demand. What distinguishes you from other stakeholders of the field?

As a vision and growth parameter of the industry there also is a need of more and more trained dedicated professionals who would want to participate in this field with passion. Additionally, we also require some form of regulatory body with mechanism which can control the abuse and make accountable for agencies and establishments who jeopardise the overall health of the patient by deploying untrained and non-reliable staff with no established link to a registered or regulated organisation.

As this missing link is the key to maintain and share the everincreasing burden on our clinical establishments and hospitals, as if the patients are ensured proper care and nursing at home it can reduce the burden both on the family and on the treating physicians and allied health professionals.

Our wide range of experience has led us to understand that any need/ requirement however small or big is a priority for the family in that situation. While we believe every situation is different, we ensure and assure that we can fulfil that need.

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