Cervical cancer has emerged as one of the prominent health concerns in recent times, CAPED India, a non-government organisation that is working to keep people abreast about cervical cancer preventive measures, lists here 10 ways to keep cervical cancer at bay.


It is heart rendering for someone to know that they have been diagnosed with cancer. There are oodles of cancers and each one of them comes with its own dangers and health disorders. One such cancer is the cervical cancer in which the cells (abnormal ones) on the cervix (lower part of the uterus) grow out of control.

Before throwing light on the preventive measures of cervical cancer, it is indispensable to understand what causes it.

  • HPV is the Key Cause: The HPV or Human Papilloma Virus is the main cause behind the precancerous stage, which eventually (if not paid attention to) leads to cervical cancer.
  • HPV Sex Risks: Any woman who has ever had sex is prone to genital HPV. Also, having more than one sex partners, having sex at a premature age, having sex with a male whos not circumcised, etc. are some other risks that cause HPV. CAPED always endeavors to aware people about the sex-related risks of cervical cancer.
  • Addiction to Smoking: Smoking or chewing tobacco resist the bodys immune system from effectively fighting HPV and thus, increases the risk of cervical cancer in women.
  • Being Careless About Weight Management: If you are overweight or obese, you are more vulnerable or at an increased risk of cervical cancer.
  • HIV: If you believe Human Immunodeficiency Virus leads to only AIDS, then understand women with HIV infection have a higher risk of developing cervical cancer. Infection with HIV weakens the immune system and reduces the bodys ability to fight viral infections.

Unprotected sex, consumption of birth pills from a long time, etc. are some of the other causes of Cervical Cancer. However, as prevention is better than cure, it is equally important to lend ears to the preventive measures of this cancer.

CAPED India, through its various activities, ensures that people, especially women, dont just stay aware and abreast about cervical cancer preventive measures but implement them to keep it at bay. Listed below are the 10 ways to keep cervical cancer away.

  • Going for Well-Proven Ways: To prevent cervical cancer, Pap Smear or Pap Test and HPV tests are the most effective ways. They help in finding the cancer at its precancerous stage. In fact, it is recommended for women to go for this test on a periodical basis. CAPED encourages and support this recommendation and make women aware about it.
  • HPV Vaccine: Getting an HPV vaccine from time to time could keep this virus at bay and thus, reduces the chances of cervical cancer.
  • Practice Safe Sex: Using protection during sex such as condoms helps men to keep away the HPV virus or pass it on to their partners. Also, avoid sex at an early age.
  • Quit Smoking: Its not about just one cigarette in a day. Quitting smoking holds a pivotal role in preventing cervical cancer.
  • Stay in Shape: Effective weight management through exercise and physically active lifestyle helps a lot in decreasing the risk of this cancer.
  • Limiting Sex Partners: Limiting sex partners to just one is one of the effective ways to decrease the risk of cervical cancer.
  • Do Not Ignore the Family History: Get in touch with an oncologist soon if you have a family history of cervical cancer.
  • Keep an Eye on Symptoms: Immediately get in touch with a physician on bleeding after menopause, pain during/after sex, unusual discharge from the vagina, etc.
  • Consume Foods That Nourish Cervix: Citrus fruits, whole bread, leafy vegetables, carrots, peaches, etc. are some of the foods that strengthen cervix.
  • Strengthen Immune System: A weaker immune system brings you closer to developing cervical cancer. Strengthen it with a good diet, health regimens, and other effective measures.

Proper information, regular pap smear and vaccination can help us prevent cervical cancer, said Dr. Sabhyata Gupta, Diploma Advanced Laparoscopy (Germany) Director “ Medanta Division of Gynecology and Gynaec Oncology & Medanta Vattikuti Institute of Robotic Surgery.

About Cancer Awareness, Prevention and Early Detection (CAPED India)

A non-government organisation dedicated to spreading awareness about cervical cancer, CAPED undertakes a plenty of activities to turn their vision of a healthier society into a reality. Regular and free screening camps, health check-ups camps for the underprivileged women are some of the ways through which CAPED strive to curb the spread cervical cancer. Currently, the organization is involved in organizing screening camps in New Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, and Haryana. It also carries out awareness activities on the cervical cancer in various colleges and universities.


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