Park Group of Hospitals: Committed to Cost-Effective Healthcare Services without Compromising Quality

Ajit Gupta

Dr Ajit Gupta, Philanthropist, Founder & Chairman of Park Group of Hospitals

Our main strength is the rates at which we offer affordable healthcare to the patients, which doesn’t mean that we compromise with the quality of the treatment. I believe that every individual deserves expert & affordable health treatment, irrespective of their financial status, shares Dr Ajit Gupta, Philanthropist, Founder & Chairman of Park Group of Hospitals with Elets News Network (ENN)


Please walk us through the key information and communications technology (ICT) measures being undertaken to ensure smart healthcare across all facilities in the chain of Park Group of Hospitals?

The ICT is becoming most important information gathering system in the healthcare industry. The demand of technology has changed healthcare system and given solutions for several activities. The main aim is to provide smart healthcare facilities to the patients. Right from booking the appointment, to their release, the patients will see the prominence of ICT everywhere. Existing in house of Park Group of Hospitals, the patients can book their appointment from our website/ application in no time. They can also book an ambulance from our website and application.

Moreover, the patients can also book an appointment from our toll free number. We have an in-house set-up of centralised call centre (Pan Park) wherein through software we send patient email regarding the scheduled appointment and other related queries. In today’s healthcare sector, hospitals demand technologies like app development, which make the work convenient for both patients and healthcare professionals. Nowadays, there are clinical apps for clinicians where they can share their views or can discuss patient reports in no time. Park Group of Hospitals is in the process of tying up for such advancements in which our in-house application will be linked for clinical practitioners at work.


Apart from technological advancements, what all key measures have been enunciated to deliver better experience to patients right from the time of registration to the time of discharge?

We make sure that the patients get the best experience when they visit Park Group of Hospitals. As the appointments are booked quickly through the website and application, the patients no more have to wait in long lines and wait for their turn. The tests are done then and there, and the reports are delivered on their doorsteps. Additionally, we try to follow a turnaround time for various preventive health checks. The entire chain of Park Group of Hospitals has a hospital information system (HIS) wherein outpatient department (OPD) and inpatient department (IPD) database for patients is maintained for records. As a result, the patients can ask for their reports whenever they want.

The patients admitted are given expert and homely care, as well as all measures are undertaken to ensure they recover faster. Everyone in the hospital, from doctors and nurses to paramedics, is dedicated to provide the best experience to patients. Additionally, the rooms are not like the mainstream hospital rooms that look monotonous and quite upsetting for patients. For patients entertainment, we also have a TV. As the minute-to minute reports of the patients are updated, they can know the status of everything. Patients have to not wait in the long queue during billing and are also discharged from the hospital smoothly as the billing system is centralised.

How do you plan to increase your geographical footprint across India, particularly in the light of the emergence of numerous corporate medical facilities?

Our main aim is to provide expert and affordable healthcare at places where it is needed the most. Recently, we have launched our eighth hospital in Panipat. It is the first super speciality corporate hospital that has the largest number of intensive care unit (ICU) beds in Panipat. No more the residents of Panipat and nearby areas have to go to Delhi for medical and emergency treatment in the absence of a super speciality hospital. As the number of accidents on the highway has increased over the years, the Panipat hospital is a relief to the people as they can reach the hospital at the time of emergency. Therefore, we launch our hospital as a true trauma centre, where we have a 24X7 anesthesiologist, intensivist, neurosurgeon, orthopaedics, and plastic and general surgeon in the day and also in the night for the emergency patients. Just like Panipat, I wish to launch Park Hospital where it is needed the most.

Park Group of Hospitals – Key Takeaways
Book appointments from website/application in no time

Can also book an appointment from toll free number

Has an in-house set-up of centralised call centre

Has launched the eighth hospital in Panipat as a true trauma centre

Offers affordable quality healthcare to the patients

Runs camps, CSR activities & campaigns

Accepts new technologies & also trains the staff on them

Participates in various conferences worldwide for the launch of machines

Sir, according to you, what are the key areas of strength and improvement for Park Group of Hospitals? Please provide details.

Our main strength is the rates at which we offer affordable healthcare to the patients. Most of our treatments are at government rates, and that doesn’t mean we compromise with the quality of the treatment. I believe that every individual deserves expert health treatment, irrespective of their financial status. In fact, we also run camps, corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities and campaigns from time to time, in which we provide free check-ups, consultations, etc. to the people. We also have the best and state-of-theart technologies, which make sure that the patients recover faster.

I understand nothing can be perfect, and there is always a scope for improvement. I think Park Group of Hospitals keeps on improving on quality. We have a team that conducts quality analysis to understand the various areas where we can improve, such as operations, patient satisfaction, employee satisfaction, etc. Even in the research area, we accept new technologies and also train the staff so that they can use these technologies in the best way possible. Whenever a new technology comes, we also need to train the staff members, so that they can use these technologies in the best way possible.

How keenly have you been observing the rise of the next generation technologies? Do you think such technologies can ensure cost-effective quality care?

The next-generation technologies are always our main focus. We have a research, corporate communication and development team that keeps looking for new technologies that have come up as advancement in the healthcare sector. The team participates in various conferences going on around the world for the launch of machines and technologies related to healthcare. We also ensure that the staff members get trained on the use of these technologies.

These new age technologies are cost-effective and even if the treatment seems a little expensive as compared to the other treatments, the advantages are seen in the long run. These machines help in detecting the disease earlier and cure it at the earliest. Other technologies like futuristic ICT applications for hospitals will be not only cost effective but also relevant for the healthcare professionals. Such technologies will change the scenario of healthcare.

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