MediaTek, WHP to launch 240-day cardiovascular healthcare campaign across UP

Image 3MediaTek India, along with World Health Partners (WHP), announced a new cardiovascular healthcare programme across Uttar Pradesh to offer meaningful cardiogram solutions, which will significantly help in the early diagnosis of heart-related diseases as well as facilitate in rapid response to providing basic treatment via tele medicine services.

In an effort to reduce the existing gap between doctor resource availability and identifying possible patients in need of medicinal advice, the campaign, organised by WHP and funded by MediaTek, will focus on five key districts of Barabanki, Basti, Bahraich, Gonda and Balrampur.

According to current estimates, India will soon have the highest number of cases of cardiovascular disease in the world and is estimated to account for 35.9 per cent of deaths by the year 2030. In comparison, India faces low doctor-to-patient ratio, especially in the rural areas making it difficult to access medicinal advice.

This campaign makes use of a cloud-based auto solution, developed by MediaTek, which shall work as a screening tool to help remotely select probable patients, who can then seek further professional advice and consultation via WHPs telemedicine services. With the help of this tool, the requirement of doctors resource will become more specific to only those people who are identified as suffering with a heart malady. Further, distance barriers will be eliminated thereby improving access to medical services that are not consistently available in distant rural communities.

Before this campaign, a field trial camp was conducted between December 2014 and August 2015, to test the auto solution and smoothen out the working model with WHP. Leveraging on WHPs wide presence, around 2000 cardiograms were delivered to be used at 800 centers in Bihar and 117 centers in Uttar Pradesh.

Adding another key element to the programme to promote preventive cardiovascular healthcare among the rural areas, the campaign targets the need for building awareness about existing cardiovascular ailments and its symptoms. Volunteers from the WHP will organise a total of 40 awareness camps across the five districts. The mode will include integrating health-related communication material while showcasing a popular feature film to attract audience.

By the end of the campaign, the teams hope to reach a total population size of 1.3 million rural inhabitants. Further, locally trained network operators will be guided with category A doctors in nearby tier-1 cities, to whom patients can further consult directly.

MediaTek feels socially responsible to make an effort to support the rural populace in India. We identified a need to fill the existing resource gap in healthcare domain and chose to partner with WHP to enhance cardiovascular healthcare monitoring and treatment support in Uttar Pradesh, said Grant Kuo, MD, MediaTek India.

This campaign is our small contribution towards expanding horizons and creating new opportunities with technology, Kuo added.

Prachi Shukla, Country Director, WHP said; Since Electrocardiogram (ECG) machines are safe and non-invasive with no known risks, we intend to organise ECG camps for a period of 240 days and collect a total of 1,200 ECGs. This collaboration with MediaTek India, we believe, will ensure consistent efforts to improve healthcare conditions in rural regions and will see an increase in the quality of life.

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