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LAURA Smart – Perfect Solution for Urinalysis

Laura Smart InstrumentLAURA Smart, recently introduced by Transasia Bio-Medicals Ltd., Indias Largest In-vitro Diagnostic Company, is the latest, compact urine strip reader.


Its objective photometric uation and semi-automated technology simplifies sample processing and provides accurate results. The compact size and easy operations of LAURA Smart make it an ideal choice for a clinical laboratory or for use by medical professionals of different specialties.

A perfect choice for routine chemical urinalysis, LAURA Smart comes with the following features:

Two measuring modes
Standard (60 sample/hr) & a special working mode Smart Timing that provides an elevated throughput of 240 samples/ hr.  While in the standard mode one strip incubation is counted at a time, in the Smart Timing mode, four incubation periods are counted in parallel, enabling a four times higher throughput.


Quick and Accurate Quality Check benefit

  • LAURA Smart performs a simple and fast automatic self-check and calibration at each start-up.
  • Special control strips and software enable a sophisticated quality control of the optical system.
  • The precision and accuracy of the reader and the strip can be verified simultaneously through quality checks using liquid controls such as URINORM or other third party liquid controls.

Strip type flexibility

  • In order to offer, full range of chemical urinalysis, LAURA Smart is compatible with different types of test strips for different parameters. The strips are automatically identified by the reader without the need for a manual setting.
  • The different strips used are DekaPHAN (10 parameters), TetraPHAN SG (4 parameters) and MicroabluPHAN Laura strips for Microalbumin & Creatinine ratio calculation

Effortless operations

  • Easy operation via touch screen
  • Simple maintenance
  • Portable mode using batteries

LAURA Smart comes from the ERBA group entity, Erba Lachema that has 40 years of experience in the development and manufacture of urine analysers and strips.

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