December 2015

Telecare – the Next Big Thing


Our vision is to enable over 5,000 teleclinics in next five years, says Ramakanth Desai, CEO, Curespring

Improving telecommunication network and bandwidth will boost healthcare service delivery with ICT intervention, shares Ramakanth Desai, CEO, Curespring with Elets News Network (ENN)


What are the unique products and solutions offered by Curespring for medical and healthcare industry?

Curespring offers a cost effective telecare as a service platform to enable remote patient care transformation and reduce the overall cost of patient care. The platform enables establishing doctors network, sharing of patient data and secure video chat, remote diagnostic review through Tele-Imaging (web-based PACS), and next generation HIS for patient care coordination. Our goal is to provide accessibility of medical practitioners to the remotest regions through state of the art technologies.

What needs to be done to change the healthcare service delivery with ICT intervention?


Currently, the laws regarding telemedicine practice are not very clear. The government should review the existing policy framework on the practice. Today, the Diagnostic devices are highly priced for clinics and hospitals to afford. Medical device manufacturing needs a lot of incentives. The government has cleared the first medical device manufacturing park in Andhra Pradesh. We need many more such parks. Improving telecommunication network and bandwidth will also boost healthcare service delivery with ICT intervention. EHR/EMR for outpatients has to be made mandatory.

How does your service help the rural healthcare particularly in Tier II and Tier III cities?

Presently, the healthcare delivery is highly skewed towards the urban population. Nearly 700 million people are deprived of quality healthcare. The ratio of specialists available in urban versus rural India is 3:1. Most of the patients travel average 6-7 kms to reach primary health center and specialist care is not easily available. Patients have to travel to Tier I city to receive specialist care.

Through our secured cloud-based telecare and Tele-imaging solution, rural patients will now get the required care and interventions from specialists without having the need to travel. Our platform will help patient receive care through moving patient clinical and diagnosis information.

Do you think Digital India and Make in India programme will be a big booster in the healthcare industry in India?

If telecommunication services improve, this will create a huge impact. It is important for India to draw up health data analytics program for preventive care and wellness programs. All this is possible only through the use of ICT. Appropriate laws have to be framed for TeleCare. Today, the Diagnostic devices are very costly for clinics and hospitals to afford. Medical Device Manufacturing needs a lot of incentives.

What is the next big thing happening in healthcare organisation with regard to IT?

Healthcare is becoming patient-centric. Analytics-driven approaches to public health initiatives for preventive care and improve wellness programs. Telecare, as service for chronic disease management, second opinions, point of care diagnostics and Clinical workflow automation using ICT for preventive care especially around cardiac and cancer-related diseases.

Hospitals and healthcare delivery systems will find ways to treat a patient at their homes and place of living since logistics costs in healthcare is becoming very high. ICT can play a huge role there.

What are Curesprings growth plans in terms of bringing new solutions or products for the healthcare industry?

Our vision is to enable at least 5,000+ teleclinics over the next five years with connectivity to many specialists doctors networks such as cardiologists network, neurophysicians network etc. We are focused on integrated care approach for remote patients, diagnostic information as a service, automated approach to patient data capture and empowerment of general physician with specialist expertise through cost effective way of sharing patient data.

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