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Ajay Deshpande

Ajay Deshpande, CTO, Rakya Technologies Private Limited, talks on automate hospital management and healthcare workflows during the golden hour of the patients in conversation with Romiya Das of Elets News Networks (ENN)

The Indian healthcare industry is rapidly evolving, how has this affected the software or IT needs of hospitals?

The primary catalyst behind the evolution of the healthcare industry in India is the growth of the Indian middle class, as the expectations of the patients are increasing. We see this pattern spreading to even places which were once considered as remote. This is adding a burden on the hospitals and the administrators. It is becoming imperative for hospitals to upgrade to good IT systems. Healthcare providers are looking for solutions that will relieve them of this administrative stress to deliver better healthcare services.

Ajay Deshpande, CTO, Rakya Technologies Private Limited

Ajay Deshpande,
CTO, Rakya Technologies Private

What are the challenges faced by the Indian healthcare providers?

In addition to the usual issues related to their occupation, healthcare providers are faced by another set that are related to running a hospital. The primary one is decreased patient satisfaction. Patients expect more from every touch point from their hospital experience. Then healthcare providers face administrative stress arising from issues like compliance, resource pilferage, managing finances. Further, many of these hospitals are built by one person or a small set of people. What works for a smaller setup seldom works when the numbers escalate. Thus, they simultaneously discover scalable models while striving to keep their level of service high. Adopting IT and automating the workflow in hospital management is not a solution for all the problems, but will help streamline a majority of the processes. This in turn will help the healthcare providers concentrate on their core services.

How have Indian hospitals fared in terms of healthcare IT adoption as compared to other countries in Asia and globally?

We all know that Indian hospitals have not fared too well in the adoption of the best of breed technologies. The adoption is concentrated in the urban parts. India as a whole did not have good infrastructure in communication, transport and other basic amenities. Thus, the hospitals have been waiting for the basic infrastructure to be available. However, with the mobile revolution in India, we have leapfrogged many countries in communication.

How is Rakya Technologies helping end-users?

Rakya builds products that automate hospital management and healthcare workflows aiming to save lives by using technology in the needy hours of the patients. The company has already helped more than 150 hospitals transition from pen and paper based workflows to IT based hospital. Rakya is among the providers of advanced end-to- end technology solutions for hospitals in India. We provide Electrical earthing to electrifying the hospital solutions to healthcare providers. At present, Rakyas software is instrumental in managing the various cross functional domains of many hospitals. Our endeavor is to partner with the hospitals to provide them with solutions as they grow.

What developments are likely to occur in the healthcare IT landscape in India in the near future, how is your company preparing for it?

The healthcare market in India is on the cusp of a significant change. Some research predicts that Indias healthcare market will be US$ 70 billion by 2018. Another recent research estimated that there will be a need for 1.54 million more doctors to cater the countrys needs. With the economic engines in semiurban and rural areas surging ahead, a large part of this growth story will be happening in these areas. One of our key focus areas has been to get a deep understanding of the way hospitals run in the semi-urban and rural areas. We intimately understand the problems they face, their infrastructure needs. We expect to grow significantly in these areas and are well prepared to meet that growth. We plan to replicate our success from our current clientele into new ones. We are also investing in building the next generation products that will help healthcare providers embrace Cloud and Mobile Computing.

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