April 2015

Improving the Quality of Care

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Dr. Minal Jariwala

Dr. Minal Jariwala

What are your views on ventilators equipment market in India vis-a-vis the global market?

Ventilator equipment marketed in India is on par with rest of the world standards. The care provided hence is corroborative, albeit overwhelming by the sheer volume of patients using them.

Please tell us about your current operations in India and your expansion plans.

Nowadays, ventilator equipment are used in operation theatres and ICUs of all tertiary care centres and their use is expanding rapidly in the country. In the near future with government efforts and financial backing, primary health centres may be included in using ventilators.

Dr. Kayan Siodia

Dr. Kayan Siodia

What are your views on the price sensitivity of the Indian market, and how does your hospital counter this problem?

Presently, price sensitivity is the most pressing issue especially for smaller private institutes, as the initial capital and maintenance costs are adding to the burden. Recovery of the initial cost is a task, which can be achieved by calculating the revenue per ventilated bed. However, this puts an additional burden on the patients.

What are your views on government regulation?

Government regulations will limit the price of the said equipment thereby reducing the total cost of the patient. It is disheartening to learn that a good number of the population is pushed below poverty line only due to medical expenses. A strong government policy, ideally implemented should be the need of the hour.

What is your opinion on emerging trends and new technologies?

Medicine brings in new trends on daily basis in the nascent phase. The current ventilatory equipment, using artificial intelligence and guidance paths minimise human error and help in decision making thereby improving the quality of care.

To reiterate, the only solution is to decrease the medical expenses with a strong government policy and price regulation, which will benefit the patients directly.

The authors are Intensivists at Nanavati Superspeciality Hospital, Mumbai

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