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Multi Specialty Paras Hospitals, Gurgaon today became the first private healthcare facility in the Delhi NCR region to get a latest path breaking tumor navigation technique that allows surgeons to get a 3D view of the brain and better control their surgical procedures.

At a press conference to announce the development, Padamshree Dr V S Mehta, Director Neuro Sciences, Paras Hospitals, Gurgaon briefed the media about the significance of the new technology and how it puts the hospital among an elite group of healthcare providers.

The neuro-navigation technology comprises of advanced software modules that enable surgeons to visualize the anatomy of the patients brain in 3D to get a comprehensive idea of the location of the tumor and the obstacles that can be encountered during surgery.

When used during the surgery itself, the navigation tools present a much better three dimensional view of the anatomy, serving as an ideal guide for the surgical instruments.

The advanced navigation technology has been developed by leading medical technology and device provider Medtronic.

Treating problems that occur inside the brain like lesions or tumors is very sensitive. Understandably, conducting a surgery to remove tumor from the brain is one of the most sensitive surgeries doctors perform. It can be imagined how useful it can be for surgeons to have an imaging technology that gives them a 3 D comprehensive view of the area where the tumor is located both before and during the surgery, says Dr Mehta.

The neuro navigation software provides surgeons with 3D image data in higher resolution and enables them to visualize anatomical areas of interest with no segmentation including cortical surface, skull and vasculature.

This gives surgeons sufficient visual data to plan the least invasive path for surgery. It also provides greater precision and control and minimizes possibility of a negative impact to critical brain structures during surgery.

This is a technology that benefits neuro surgery in a major way- it is used for tractography (a 3D modeling technique used to visually represent neural tracts using data collected by diffusion tensor imaging (DTI). It uses special techniques of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and computer-based image analysis. The results are presented in two- and three-dimensional images. “

This is the 1ST SUCH Installation in Delhi-NCR.

Moreover it is also used for functional MRI imaging (technology that measures brain activity by detecting associated changes in blood flow. This technique relies on the fact that cerebral blood flow and neuronal activation are coupled. When an area of the brain is in use, blood flow to that region also increases ).

The best advantage of the machine is that during the operation ultrasound images can be seen by the surgeon- this increases the accuracy as well as the safety of the surgery.

We are the first private hospital in Delhi NCR to have this stand alone neuro navigation technology. This ability has provided a critical boost to our neurosurgeons as they plan critical treatment paths and perform sensitive surgeries, says Dr Mehta.

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