Curing Sickness to Ensuring Wellness – Harish Natarajan Chief utive Officer

HCL Avitas, in collaboration with Johns Hopkins Medicine International, is the healthcare delivery arm of HCL Healthcare. Started as the countrys first nationwide networked multi-specialty clinics, HCL Avitas aims to provide complete continuum of care for chronic and acute diseases. Harish Natarajan, Chief utive Officer and Suresh Sarojani, Chief Technology Officer, HCL Avitas, in conversation with Ekta Srivastava, ENN, talks more on this new initiative…

Harish Natarajan Chief utive Officer

Harish Natarajan
Chief utive Officer

Suresh Sarojani Chief Technology Officer

Suresh Sarojani
Chief Technology Officer

Indias healthcare industry has seen an exponential growth over the last decade with the number of private multi-specialty hospitals, clinics and diagnostic centres mushrooming in major cities and towns of the country. India is a large country with a population of over a billion. So, reaching out to such a vast population is not a childs play. Today, multi specialty hospitals in urban areas are able to provide specialist services to patients in remote areas, thanks to technological advances in the field of medicine. Though, much needs to be done to improve the healthcare statistics of India, the efforts by Indias new crop of healthcare entrepreneurs will not go in vain.
With a similar mission, HCL Corporation, the parent company of HCL Technologies and HCL Info systems, has recently announced their entry into the healthcare sector with the launch of HCL Healthcare. Aspired to be the nations leading healthcare company by addressing the entire spectrum of healthcare needs, providing healthcare delivery, innovative medical services, products and training to meet the growing need for quality healthcare, HCL is all set to perform.
With a vision on what is that going to impact larger number of people and at the same time curing sickness and ensuring wellness, the team of HCL top-notch intellectuals have come together and built a business model. As Harish Natarajan, CEO, HCL Avitas said, Not only that we want to build a scalable business model, but also we want to operate it within a large number of people where it ensures curing sickness and ensuring wellness. Its a business chain which will address a large population of about 50 million people. In order to achieve our target of touching the large part of the population, we have to do it at the outpatient-care level and HCL Avitas is all about that.
In affiliation with Johns Hopkins Medicine International, the company is in a frame of mind to offer a wide range of healthcare delivery. Starting with the countrys first nation-wide networked multi-specialty clinics, they are willing to provide unmatched patient experience and outcomes by adopting global best practices for medical quality and training, using evidence-based systems and integrat- Three Pillars ing advanced technology.

Thought behind HCL Avitas
India has a shifting disease burden that is influenced by changing lifestyles. This need is grossly underserved. Technological expertise and the ability to create scalable institutions will help HCL Healthcare institute create new benchmarks in the healthcare delivery in India.
Creating an organised technology- led health system that will be the long-term care partner is our immediate goal. HCL Healthcare intends to be that partner and provide patient-centered care for over 20 million people by 2020, Suresh Sarojani, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) HCL Avitas said.
Following the philosophy of patients come first, the clinic with its team believe to give the patient 24×7 healthcare assistant and try to address their healthcare needs. Giving the access to help locate the closest clinic closest, schedule appointments, connect to care coordinator, all HCL Avitas will be networked and support each other to provide the highest standard of care and provide operational support
Elaborating more on the technical side Suresh Sarojani, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), HCL Avitas said, Your assigned care coordinator is your one point contact for all your health-related issues. The care coordinator will guide you through the clinic, help digitise your health records, set appointments and follow ups, monitor your self-management goals, answer queries on medication and coordinate referrals when needed. Plan of Action Speaking on what Avitas does and how, Natarajan said, We actually use technology which is very important just like the World Wide Web and the internet plays such a large role in terms of how we build a network. Similarly, we have been trying to use the technology in the networks of healthcare. India has a very different healthcare system than those in developed nations. The philosophy in India is very different. And if I look it from the patients point of view, then there are four aspects which need to be addressed: First part is about treating the patient– patient wants to be treated well. Secondly, they want to be involved in decisions related to the healthcare. Thirdly, they want to feel that there is a certain system and science about what all that is happening. Fourth is in terms of gaining trust. Patients should trust us in whatever we do. Clearly, these are few things which we are trying to achieve.

Three Pillars
>>To set up Indias largest healthcare network with a robust technology
backbone and electronic medical records
>>To provide long-term patient care through evidence-based medicine
>>To bring clinical expertise and global best practices to India in association
with Johns Hopkins Medicine International 

Commenting on impact HCLs innovations will bring in the market, Natarajan said, First our connection with John Hopkins Medicine International, which is acknowledged as the best hospital in the world. Secondly, we are going to have first large scale Electronic Health Record system, through which patients can consult specialists in our network through video consulting anywhere, anytime. Finally, technology-enabled disease management systems ensure that you get consistently high quality personalized care.
Adding on the same CTO Sarojani, said, We will begin with a network of multi-specialty clinics across the country starting with the National Capital Region. We will offer the best of patient-centric care in our clinics “ addressing their long-term care needs. Technology is our strength “ our clinics will all be networked giving patients access to their medical history and to the best specialists available in our system. Through our association with Johns Hopkins, we will bring in global best practices and the best evidence-based systems. In the next 5 years, we expect to have over 1,500 doctors in our employment drive across various cities in the country.

Strategy to Follow
Intend to become the nations leading healthcare company, this new venture is committed to providing innovative medical services, products, training and information to meet the needs of patients, physicians and organizations.
While speaking on the strategy, the group is looking after to follow, the CEO of the organization said, Now what we intend to do during the next 10 years is to have a pan-India presence with a whole network of multi-specialty clinic. In terms of core specialty, we are looking at diabetes, gastroenterology, pulmonology and dermatology. We will also add on the pediatrics and gynecology. Next is multi-specialty clinic, it is not a network of multi-specialty clinic but it is a networked multi-specialty clinic. The difference, we are trying to set up here, is that we will have expertise at some level or the other, but all the clinics will be networked to each other. None of the clinics will operate s in isolation and we expect a lot of sharing.

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