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Sachin Chaudhary, Founder, CEO, Medical Second Opinion

Medical Second Opinion sourcing leading doctors to patients in tier 2 and 3 cities and medical tourists.


With the growing propensity and need for quality healthcare, several hospitals including leading chains are making inroads towards the new healthcare markets of tier 2 and 3 cities. However, setting up in such new markets, sourcing the best doctors is a daunting task that most of the setups are largely faced with. For most specialists, years of hard work has been spent on building a name for them while setting up in the bigger cities is left behind, making the transfer to a new land.

In this scenario, what the patients of such smaller cities lack most is the access to these leading specialists. To seek a consultation from these doctors, the patients in the towns are forced to travel long distance to the cities. For every consultation the patient seeks extensive planning in terms of scheduling appointments, travelling the distance to reach a doctor and sometimes having to wait long hours to the final consultation. All this charge high cost, time and energy for the sick patient and his family members accompanying. The agony of the patient is accentuated if severe discomfort and pain preludes the impending surgery.

Therefore MSO
Expanding the quality tangent of healthcare provider innovations, Medical Second Opinion (MSO) offers solutions that table the geography disconnect while providing the best options for second opinion needs. A second opinion helps minimize clinical error while ensuring a peace of mind. So if this comes from those doctors who have months of waiting for a consultation owing to their popularity and that too without the travel hassle and within 24 hours, a patient especially from Tier 2 and 3 city have enough reasons to rejoice, offers MSO Medical Head for Jaipur Dr. Usha Khurana.


MSO has really aggregated finest clinicians across specialties, for a patient who doesnt have any background to healthcare Dr Sajan Hedge, Apollo Hospital, Chennai

Key Differentiators

Aggregation of Indias finest doctors from different specialties and leading hospitals available to give medical consultations through web, mobile or OPD modes.
Unlike the patient visiting the doctors, MSO makes it possible for the doctors to visit the patients through the Connected OPD service. While being a discovery agent for patients, they can also access the best providers while ensuring quality in continuum of care after their consultation.
It saves huge costs for the patient and increases transparency.
Creates a harmonious ease in taking second opinion using the platform, Mobile, VC or OPD.


Effectively, MSO process yield is as simple as the reverse in process of traditional consultation derivative. As against the patient visiting a doctor for consultation, here, the doctor comes to the patient to give a second opinion consultation, simplifies MSO Founder & CEO, Sachin Chaudhary.

How It Works

The Second Opinion mode is not just cost efficient but also proves to be a boon for patients living in any part of the world to reach out to the doctors without making the effort of the travel.
At the same time, the company sets up its own OPD centre known as Connected OPD service, the first one of which has already been launched in Jaipur. The doctors empanelled with Medical Second Opinion travel to the tier 2 and tier 3 cities as per a cyclic schedule giving the patients in these cities an opportunity to be consulted by the finest. This opportunity to connect with the finest specialists also witnesses a large traction of patients from the smaller cities and the towns and rural outlets around them to be a part of the event.
MSO also has city level MSO equivalent clinicians to offer second opinion in case of an emergency. These are leading clinicians from that city.

It makes my job easier to make the first point connection or to carry forward the consultations after the surgery
with the patient directly Dr Pichai Suryanarayan, Apollo Hospital, Chennai

About 70% of our patients are
outbound. Being a part of MSO helps me to screen and prioritise cases that
help in better output on my part for thepatients Dr K Vijil Rahulan, Global Health City, Chennai

MSO performance data points that around 65% of the traffic comes from tier 2 and 3 cities. This is largely due to the need to bridge the patient and provider gap that exists in the country viz a viz the geographic barriers, users from smaller cities are compounding the online consultations for their second opinion requirements.
Patients travelling from outside India also form a sizeable number of the user portfolio. Most of the patients to undergo tertiary surgeries are using MSO platform to connect with the specialists.
Eventually as technology is gaining foothold within the young population, what is expected to happen is an increased awareness about personal health with a rise in the number of consultation taken, believes MSO Joint Replacement specialist, Dr. Pichai Suryanarayan from Apollo Chennai This builds proactiveness on the part of the general population of the country while forcing the decision makers to quality healthcare through innovative verticals.

Contrary to the belief, a knowledgeable
doctor will not be upset if their patient
seeks a second opinion  Dr Meenakshi
Sundaram, Apollo Hospital, Chennai


MSO has in its ambit the likes of Dr Vikram Shah and Dr Pichai Suryanarayan for joint replacements and orthopedics; Dr. Bijoy Khanderia, the Chief of Cardiac Sciences, Mayo Clinic from USA and Cardiac specialist Dr. Keyur Parikh from CIMS Ahmadabad, Indias leading liver transplant surgeon Dr. Anand Khakhar; ex AIIMS oncologist, Dr. Vinod Raina; lung transplant mogul, Dr. Vijil Rahulan; Bariatric Surgeon Dr. Mufazzal Lakdawala, Neurosurgery specialist Dr. V.S Mehta and sixty more such doctors from a selected eight specialties

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