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Calsoft Labs has been actively working in the healthcare sector for the last ten years. Somenath Nag, Director – Business Development & Marketing, Calsoft Labs, interacts with Sruti Ghosal, ENN, about the journey so far

Give us an overview of the work Calsoft Labs is doing in the Indian healthcare sector.
Calsoft Labs is a part of the ALTEN Group which is focused on product engineering services. In the healthcare sector, its main contribution is through technology solutions. Calsoft Labs has two wings software engineering and embedded engineering. Calsoft Labs has been actively working in healthcare sector for the last ten years.

Cloud Computinghas enabled manypharma companiesto go paperless. Itscost-effective too asone doesnt need tospend too much onIT infrastructure

How would you measure the significance of Cloud Computing in the Pharma Industry?
There are two parts in the Pharma Industry research & development and production after the research is done. Today Cloud Computing can help both the areas in a major way. Huge amount of data is involved in research and development. Even for production, multiple clinical trials are done, involving varied data. In order to manage such data, the Pharma Industry requires a sophisticated Laboratory Management System.
Cloud Computing has proved to be beneficial in every manner. Many Pharma companies have now gone paperless, thanks to Cloud. It is costeffective as one doesnt need to spend too much on IT infrastructure. Moreover, the Pharma Industry is governed by many regulations and deals with multiple data which have to be storedproperly. Cloud can help address thisissue too.

What technological innovations are you planning to bring in the healthcare space?
Currently, the Indian Healthcare sector faces the challenges of accessibility, infrastructure and quality. We need technology to overcome these problems. The healthcare system in the USA is 50 years ahead of the Indian healthcare system. Our main focus lies on new technologies such as Cloud Computing. We are providing the hospitals with technology that will help them store patient records on Cloud.
In terms of accessibility, there are Primary Healthcare Centres (PHCs) which dont have a specialist. If they have a telemedicine facility on their tablet, delivery of quality healthcare will take a giant leap. So Calsoft Labs is trying to tackle mobility and connectivity issues through Cloud Computing. Our main objective is to implement the learnings from developed nation into India and help healthcare providers improve the quality of healthcare.

What are some salient features that give Calsoft Labs an edge over its peers?
There are a couple of areas that differentiate us from the other companies We bring in our best practices and learnings from the advanced nations and built products which are very specific to the Indian healthcare market. We are among the very few companies who actually work from Chip to Cloud. Not many companies who are working in the deliverance of software services in healthcare sector will actually be able to do that

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