A platform matching to Core Banking in healthcare will really make implementation and preservation budget rational with further contribution and enhanced accessibility, asserts M V Saneesh, Senior Manager (IT & Systems), GCS Medical College, Hospital & Research Centre, Ahmedabad


What were some of the key challenges that your hospital faced in IT implementation in the year 2012?
Our institute, into the third year of operations, completed with the implementation of a dependable IT infrastructure. Standardisation across equipments, environment and functions was a major challenge. Few quick-fixes to enable quicker delivery of services and capex intensive dependable solutions led to delayed decisions.

Are there some specific segments of the healthcare sector that are likely to witness a larger demand for IT adoption?
It would be interesting to see consolidation of few players and emergence of world-class solution providers among them. A platform matching to Core Banking in healthcare will really make implementation and preservation budget rational with further contribution and enhanced accessibility. Tremendous growth is foreseen for the healthcare ICT sector. Established international vendors are making conscious efforts to make inroads into the segment through direct or acquisition route.

What are the prospects of growth for ICT implementation in Indian healthcare in 2013?
To manage volume, effective ICT implementation is inexorable. ICT is already a mission critical service to any major healthcare providers operations. Increased life expectancy along with patient expectations shall only leverage the growth prospects of healthcare IT in the coming days.

Talking about hospital management, how do you foresee the role of ICT growing in 2013?
Efficiency of hospital management impressively crux on steadfast and ascendable ICT solutions applied. The new breeds of professional healthcare managers are well trained on ICT tools, unimaginative of doing away with those tools.

What changes you have noticed in healthcare in areas like Health IT, Medical Equipment, regulations etc?
Provider participation in payee system (RSBY, CGHS reimbursement) is a significant step. This underlines the meaningful usage of resource and makes direct attention of hospital management and patients. A couple of state governments deciding on a uniform HIS across district hospitals will reap greater benefits. Virtualisation, cloud computing, mobile devices, BYOD, etc penetrated in decent numbers. Medical equipments become more ready-to-connect and quick remote support became a norm.

What are the top technologies in healthcare that will play crucial role in the year 2013 and beyond?
Cloud Computing, Software as a Service, Mobility Computing, Information from Unstructured sources and Clinical Data Analytics shall be the most prominent technologies that shall take the Indian healthcare to new paradigms this year.

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