Healthcare providers face the challenges of data deluge

With the acquisition of InSite One in December 2010, new strategic alliances and plans for global deployment, Dell is enabling more healthcare providers to efficiently store, manage and share medical imaging data through one of the largest cloud-based medical archive platforms.
Dell currently manages more than 65 million clinical studies, more than 4.5 billion diagnostic imaging objects and supports more than 800 clinical sites in the cloud — a nearly 25 percent increase in managed objects compared with a year ago.

The addition of InSite One’s secure, cloud-based, image management software and storage services — now known as the Dell Cloud Clinical Archive — to Dell’s Unified Clinical Archive provides a single-source end-to-end solution designed to simplify data retention, facilitate disaster recovery and allow medical professionals to access and share images across a variety of applications and platforms.

As hospitals and other healthcare providers face the challenges of data deluge, they need secure solutions that support efficiency and mobility. Dell has teamed with imaging leaders such as Merge Healthcare, Calgary Scientific and Novarad to further enhance its UCA solution and bring even more users into the medical imaging archiving cloud.
— Merge Healthcare has selected Dell as a preferred provider of cloud computing services, storage and enterprise hardware products to simplify information access, management and archiving among its portfolio of image interoperability solutions. Utilizing its cloud-based health information technology, Dell will host Merge Healthcare’s Project Honeycomb, one of the nation’s largest medical image sharing networks.
— Calgary Scientific Inc., a leading innovator in advanced visualisation solutions and web, mobile and collaboration-enabling platforms, has strategically collaborated with Dell to enhance mobility and add advanced web-enabled visualisation to Dell’s already robust UCA solution. The pairing is designed to provide physicians with real-time, high-performance access to diagnostic images and patient information from wherever they may be.

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