Paper Abstract
e-Health, commonly referred to as the application of information and communication
technology (ICT) in the health sector, has rapidly developed around the world in the
last few years. The Indian healthcare sector is undergoing a transformation with
improved services becoming available to larger populations. However, healthcare in
rural areas still remains a significant challenge resulting in reduced life
expectancy at birth and infant mortality rates almost twice that in urban cities. The
e-Health Initiative (EHI) in India is to ensure uniformly accessible, affordable and
equitable healthcare for rural populations by using Information and Communication
Technologies enablers with pre-existing though underutilized public health services.
Health Care is an absolute necessity and there is very little facilities available in
rural India. In this paper we uated the proprietary software platform for the
implementation of existing health kiosks and going further it becomes a costlier to
end user. Hence we propose the usage of open source technologies to reduce the cost
and increase the efficiency. Instead of investing money in expensive proprietary
licenses, we should invest in building skills around open source tools because that
ensures the creation of jobs and investments within the local economy.

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