A Summit on the Nascent Domain of Behavioural Telehealth

The inaugural summit on Behavioral Telehealth: Technology for Behavior Change & Disease Management will take place at The Conference Center of Harvard Medical in Boston during 31May-1June 2007. The summit endeavours to discuss advances in behavioural telehealth, including applications to promote wellness, change behaviour and manage diseases. The programme will address the shift from traditional healthcare delivery to more consumer-driven approaches.

The target audience for the summit includes senior utives, clinical leaders, IT staff and clinicians from behavioural health companies, telemedicine companies,disease management companies, psychophysiological monitoring companies, medical device companies, pharmaceutical companies, e-Health companies, hospitals, home care agencies among others.

“Most of the lost productivity in the workplace is related to behavioral issues. This conference will examine how emerging information technologies can support the integration of behavioral health into primary care and chronic disease management. It will explore how e-empowered health consumers can truly become partners in their own self-management.

This timely event brings together leaders in behavioral health, disease management and telemedicine to celebrate the successes, tackle the challenges and advance the goal of integration,” said Dr. Steven Locke, Research Psychiatrist, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Associate Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School and Associate Professor of Health Sciences and Technology, MIT. He also happens to be the Program Chairperson of the summit.

The summit will include over 40 speakers participating in panel discussions, case studies and keynote addresses. Topics to be covered include: computer-assisted behavioural assessment, screening and monitoring, online psychotherapy, treatment of depression and anxiety-related disorders, treatment of alcohol and substance disorders, tools for promoting patient adherence and for lifestyle and risk behaviour change, web-based tools for addressing behavioural issues, decision-support and educational tools, behavioural tools for enhancing self-management of medical conditions and much more. In addition, attendees will have the option of attending the workshop on ‘Technology tools for promoting patient self-management and shared decision-making.’  

A Fillip to USA’s Rural Health, Thanks to USDA

It seems the rural USA is going to get an impetus in e-Health. The US Department of Agriculture(USDA) has allocated $153 million for distance learning and telemedicine, for  rural communities of the USA. This will facilitate the people living in the remote and rural USA to access international standard of healthcare services.  Through telemedicine technology, rural residents can get access to medical specialists, which are not often available in remote areas.

However, USDA’s initiative in education and health is nothing new. In the past five years, USDA has already invested $166 million in distance learning and telemedicine programme. The department  has enabled about 4000  rural educational facilities to expand their access to modern telecommunications technology and about 2000 healthcare institutions to develop technologies to enhance their local medical care.   

Bulgaria Gets its First Satellite-based Telemedicine Network

ND SatCom, an SES ASTRA company and a leading global supplie

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