A European Centre of Health Technology has been opened in Oslo, Norway. The centre was officially opened by Parliamentary Secretary of the Norwegian Ministry of Health and Care Services, Kari Henriksen. Developed by strategic co-operation between HP, Telenor, Microsoft, Imatis and Cisco, the centre is equipped like a small hospital, complete with a patient room, nurse station and an adjacent demonstration room. The aim of the new centre will be to help showcase the latest in health technology, which will be presented to health institutions and interested parties all over Europe. The centre will also be used for research and development purposes, and will be important in testing and trying out new health technology. HP says it hopes the centre may also play a role in becoming a springboard for new products and services. Some of the technology demonstrated at the centre, is already in use at Norway’s St. Olav hospital in Trondheim, Norway. Among the technologies on show in the centre are new systems for network and infrastructure, advanced electronic warning systems, and patient terminals combing entertainment and communication facilities. As part of its contribution to the Health Technology Centre Cisco is supplying its Medical Grade Network as a platform and the Cisco Clinical Connection Suite. “We are proud of this HP centre being opened in Norway, which is a clear result of Norway being world leaders in developing digital hospitals. This is now enabling us to display and export our knowledge to other European countries. Our goal for the centre is to be a window to the hospitals of the future”, said Roger Morberg, director of the Health Centre of Excellence. “Companies with attractive solutions and high levels of competence, like Imatis, will get the opportunity to reach an international market. We will also be able to make sure that the European countries, at all times, will choose the technological solutions that result in the best efficiency and most satisfied patients.” IMATIS is a software product suite that provides the IT foundation necessary to support advanced e-health systems, covering key hospital and clinical applications to help provide improved clinical processes and improved productivity. Telenor is a leading international provider of mobile communications and the largest provider of TV services across the Nordic region.

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