Patient Portal by IBM

IBM announced the next evolution of the patient portal, significantly expanding the types of information, alerts, recommendations and interactive coaching healthcare providers can offer to interact with their patients online. The technology has been developed in collaboration with physicians and administrators of the Gacheon University Gil hospital in Korea. Among the largest medical centers in Korea with approximately one million patients, the hospital recently decided to provide physicians and patients with access to the portal as part of a pilot project to increase efficiency and reduce costs. The system’s easy-to-use analytical services can reduce costs, increase safety and improve patient satisfaction. By integrating social and medical data from multiple sources, the system allows patients to take an active role in their treatment, bringing the interaction between patients and caregivers to a new level of collaborative teamwork. The system is also designed to protect privacy at various levels of granularity, enabling members to exercise fine-grained control over the level of information in their profile that can be viewed by others and its usage.


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