IT shows great benefits in Health care sector

Software developed for doctors was built by Shashank ND called Practo. The software gives daily schedule on phone, reminds patients of their appointments and costs only Rs 700 a month for a doctor. This entrepreneur conceived the idea during his college days and now it being used by 500 doctors. A lot of other IT services are being spent worth Rs. 520 crore on healthcare space this year. The perception is changing in small dispensaries and clinics which are using technology to beef up back end and streamline operations. To top it over, the IT services are being provided by the in house IT companies only. Dr. Bajaj has seen a business growth by 30 percent after he started using Practo. The software also records patient data, medical history, and photos which can be accessed anywhere. The tech solutions now take over the accounting and billing purposes at hospitals with the help of software such as Practo and Sristi software. Practo focuses on the operational aspects of a clinic, Srishti’s Paras solution is designed for the clinical functions. The software can directly link to a CT scan to a patient’s record and provides the hospital with a digital imaging and communication device which tags every scan to patient information like age, gender and doctor in charge. With the features enhancing the services, sristi won a project to build an enterprise resource planning solution for the Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Center (RGCI) competing against IT big guns like Infosys, Wipro and TCS. The software Practo is easy and addictive to use which allows web presence and focus on clinics in metros which enroll 1,500 customers over the course of the year. PRacto also consists of a database of symptoms that tracks inventories and maintains a register of diseases. It can help in predicting the outbreak of epidemics. Yet there is a lot more for Indian health care sector to depend on IT fully as the computerized systems are not implemented well and have lots of loopholes as stated by Ex-Wipro veteran Ramesh Emani. Insta health solutions focuses on mid-tier hospitals and specialized centers in south India, providing over 70 live customers with an ERP solution that covers both administrative and clinical functions. Introducing IT in health sector benefits in managing cash and credit, helps in following up with patients, in networking the dialysis machines and capture the data directly into the medical record and also saves their time and cost.


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